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Intellectual property litigation underway involving Kanye West

When people create visual, audible or physical works, they often put a considerable amount of passion into those works. Whether they create something with the intention of later making a profit or whether they just create for the sake of creation, they have a stake in their work. As a result, it is often wise for creators to copyright their work to prevent unauthorized use, but unfortunately, intellectual property litigation could still take place.

Model faces intellectual property litigation for use of photo

It is not unusual for celebrities to post pictures of themselves on their social media pages. In fact, some may plan elaborate photo shoots to get just the right picture to use for self-promotion. At the same time, celebrities are known for disdaining the attention of the paparazzi, who may post unflattering pictures of them. However, one fashion model is facing intellectual property litigation for using a paparazzi photo on her Instagram page without the New York photographer's permission.

Ed Sheeran involved in intellectual property litigation

When a person or company makes a creative work or other original idea, steps are often taken to protect that information or work. In many cases, such as with musicians, creative works become well known to the public, and without copyright protections, almost anyone could potentially take elements of a song and plagiarize them without repercussion. However, when someone infringes on a copyright, intellectual property litigation could ensue.

Teachers in intellectual property litigation over lesson plans

Most everyone remembers that special teacher whose lessons were interesting because they deviated from the textbook. Such teachers often spend many hours preparing lessons and creating innovative ways to make learning joyful for their students. Technology allows these teachers to share their creative lesson plans and to make money doing so. However, some New York educators are resorting to intellectual property litigation because others are profiting from their hard work.

Royalty-free works may prevent intellectual property litigation

Creating a business website means finding clever ways to attract the attention of potential customers. This may mean including sharp graphics, bold images or edgy music. However, adding these items to a website or even a social media page without paying attention to the copyright had led many New York businesses to intellectual property litigation when the owners of the art or music sought restitution for copyright violations.

Chapman and Minaj in intellectual property litigation

It seems more common than ever for musicians to build on other artists' work by sampling recognizable hooks, refrains or lyrics and repurposing them into a variety of genres. However, a musician who samples another artist's song without permission may end up facing intellectual property litigation. One example of this is singer Nicki Minaj's dispute with Grammy winner Tracy Chapman.

Websites confused about intellectual property ownership

It is the dream of many New York musicians and songwriters to create a legacy of music that will live for generations. Most composers find it flattering when other musicians cover their songs in concert or on recordings. Composers of the classical genre may never have imagined how long their music would thrive or how many musicians would honor them with performances of their songs. Unfortunately, some of those musicians are finding themselves facing intellectual property disputes because of content filtering systems used by many websites.

Intellectual property litigation asks how far protections go

New York parents often enjoy watching movies at home with their children, but it can be upsetting when an inappropriate scene pops up on the screen. Parents may scramble for the remote to mute the language or fast forward past the violence or sexual content, but they are rarely fast enough to avoid the offensive material. Many families were glad to discover services that would remove the language, violence and disturbing images from the most popular films, but now, the filtering company is involved in intellectual property litigation.

Network denies stealing idea in intellectual property litigation

Celebrities of the stature of Oprah Winfrey receive thousands of pitches a year, from potential sponsors, want-to-be talk show guests, those with ideas for program segments and book authors. Since creating her network, OWN, Oprah also receives unsolicited pitches from those in New York and across the country who have an idea for a new series. While it may be disheartening for an eager writer to receive a rejection from the OWN staff, it may lead to intellectual property litigation to then see one's idea come to life on the network.

Fitbit employees face intellectual property litigation

Ten thousand is the minimum number of steps experts say a healthy person should take in a day. For those in New York whose jobs are sedentary, keeping track of those steps has become easier and more fun. Gone are the days when fitness enthusiasts attached bulky pedometers to their ankles or wrists and hoped for a rough estimate of the number of steps they took or miles they covered in a day. Now, more people are strapping sleek and stylish Fitbit devices to their wrists. However, some Fitbit employees are facing intellectual property litigation.


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