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Websites confused about intellectual property ownership

It is the dream of many New York musicians and songwriters to create a legacy of music that will live for generations. Most composers find it flattering when other musicians cover their songs in concert or on recordings. Composers of the classical genre may never have imagined how long their music would thrive or how many musicians would honor them with performances of their songs. Unfortunately, some of those musicians are finding themselves facing intellectual property disputes because of content filtering systems used by many websites.

Intellectual property litigation asks how far protections go

New York parents often enjoy watching movies at home with their children, but it can be upsetting when an inappropriate scene pops up on the screen. Parents may scramble for the remote to mute the language or fast forward past the violence or sexual content, but they are rarely fast enough to avoid the offensive material. Many families were glad to discover services that would remove the language, violence and disturbing images from the most popular films, but now, the filtering company is involved in intellectual property litigation.

Network denies stealing idea in intellectual property litigation

Celebrities of the stature of Oprah Winfrey receive thousands of pitches a year, from potential sponsors, want-to-be talk show guests, those with ideas for program segments and book authors. Since creating her network, OWN, Oprah also receives unsolicited pitches from those in New York and across the country who have an idea for a new series. While it may be disheartening for an eager writer to receive a rejection from the OWN staff, it may lead to intellectual property litigation to then see one's idea come to life on the network.

Fitbit employees face intellectual property litigation

Ten thousand is the minimum number of steps experts say a healthy person should take in a day. For those in New York whose jobs are sedentary, keeping track of those steps has become easier and more fun. Gone are the days when fitness enthusiasts attached bulky pedometers to their ankles or wrists and hoped for a rough estimate of the number of steps they took or miles they covered in a day. Now, more people are strapping sleek and stylish Fitbit devices to their wrists. However, some Fitbit employees are facing intellectual property litigation.

Stan Lee launches intellectual property litigation

Few New York fans of superhero comics do not recognize the name Stan Lee. Working with legendary artists, Lee created many of the comic book heroes now regaining popularity in blockbuster motion pictures, such as the Incredible Hulk, Spiderman, the X-Men and Thor. He also co-founded POW! Entertainment, a holding corporation for Lee's creative works. That company is now facing intellectual property litigation since Stan Lee has filed suit against its co-founders.

Oprah named in intellectual property litigation

Oprah Winfrey is one of the most powerful and respected women in the entertainment world. In fact, to fans in New York and beyond, she seems to have a Midas touch, turning to gold anything to which she grants her blessing, including cars, diet products and charities. She has been a friend to those in the arts, including authors who profit from soaring sales when Oprah recommends their books. However, according to recent intellectual property litigation, not every artist feels Oprah is entirely benevolent.

Intellectual property litigation pits H&M against artists

A recent legal dispute between graffiti artists and the fashion retail giant H&M brought attention to the struggle many artists face when protecting their work from those who would infringe on its copyright. Many artists, writers, photographers and creative people in New York and across the country get little respect for the work they do and may find themselves involved in David and Goliath battles against corporations that take advantage of them. This lawsuit is an example of how intellectual property litigation can bring about change.

Intellectual property litigation takes on Twitter

Reading an article on a news page and finding reference to someone else's tweet is not uncommon. Twitter is one way in which the modern world expresses its opinions succinctly and prolifically. The most powerful people in the country, in politics and entertainment, use Twitter to connect with the general public and to rally support for their causes. However, a New York federal judge recently made a ruling concluding a case of intellectual property litigation, and the decision could change the way news organizations use Twitter, especially copyrighted images.

Workout app faces intellectual property litigation

Finding just the right music during a workout can be crucial. The best list of songs keeps one excited and motivated to finish strong. In the past, creating such a workout list meant burning favorite songs onto a CD or making a file on one's MP3 player. These days, however, there are apps that create fresh, inspiring playlists for each workout. However, one of these apps is now embroiled in intellectual property litigation.


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