Schwartz & Ponterio, PLLC holds lawyers responsible for legal malpractice.

Firm Overview

In February of 2005, attorneys Matthew F. Schwartz and John Ponterio formed Schwartz & Ponterio, PLLC. Each had been practicing law since 1992, successfully handling hundreds of cases.

At Schwartz & Ponterio, PLLC, we have broad experience in all areas of civil litigation. In our work in every area, we marshal the resources of our entire firm in each case. While we have the experience to help our clients in all manner of disputes, we have devoted specific focus to legal malpractice and copyright law.

Matthew Schwartz has been involved in legal malpractice litigation for over 20 years. John Ponterio has been representing legal malpractice plaintiffs since 2005. Together, they have helped people stand up to their former lawyers in cases involving issues of missed deadlines, unresponsive or incompetent attorneys, and ethical violations.

Ponterio handles copyright law issues at the firm. John has completed a wide variety of entertainment deals.

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The lawyers at our firm are respected members of the New York City legal community and receive much of their business from referrals. They are members of the New York State Bar Association, the New York Trial Lawyers Association, and the New York City Bar Association.

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Schwartz & Ponterio, PLLC, offers consultations for potential clients. Contact us at 212-714-1200 to schedule a consultation with an attorney from our law firm.