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How lawyers may try to conceal malpractice

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2023 | Legal Malpractice

When working with an attorney, you expect them to take your case with the seriousness it deserves because they know of the consequences if they fail to offer standard services. However, your lawyer may fail to act in your best interest. They may fail to file paperwork on time, miss court or fail to disclose a conflict of interest, among other malpractice conduct.

If you ask your attorney about their mistake, they may try to hide it. Here is how they may try to do this. 

Use legalese

You may not be familiar with all the terms used in the legal field, and your attorney knows this. When they make a mistake, they may explain their actions using words you don’t understand, hoping you will stop asking questions. 

When hiring them, they may have explained everything in plain language, but now they may throw legal terms in every statement they make.

Arguing they were acting in your best interest

Of course, you chose a lawyer because they know the strategies to apply to defend you or validate your decisions. However, your lawyer may act in a way that’s not in your best interest and convince you otherwise. Even though losing or receiving an unfavorable outcome is possible in the legal field, at times, an attorney’s mistake may have led to the result.

Blaming it on their team

Most attorneys work with teams. Accordingly, upon making a mistake, your lawyer may inform you that someone in their team was responsible for the error. Nonetheless, lawyers should be all hands on deck on cases and responsible for their team.

Your lawyer may make a mistake and try to cover it up. If you believe you experienced legal malpractice, you should obtain more information about your case.