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Warning signs you should know when working with a real estate lawyer

On Behalf of | May 26, 2023 | Legal Malpractice

People who are entering into real estate transactions should have an attorney who can protect their interests. This includes reviewing contracts to ensure all the necessary points are covered in the documents.

Identifying potential legal malpractice is essential for safeguarding your interests, particularly when engaging with real estate lawyers. Consider these warning signs that your real estate lawyer might not be handling things in a proper manner.

Poor communication

Quality legal representation necessitates consistent, clear communication. A lawyer shouldn’t ignore your calls or emails, provide vague updates or fail to inform you of significant developments. Your phone calls or emails should be answered in a reasonable amount of time.

Missed deadlines

Real estate transactions have strict deadlines for filing documents and completing processes. If your lawyer consistently misses these deadlines, it might indicate a lack of diligence or organization, which can lead to severe consequences for your case. This includes your transaction languishing with no discernible progress.

Shady fee structures and billing

A lawyer should always provide a clear outline of their fees, likely costs and the potential risks associated with your case. Inaccuracies in billing might indicate negligence or an attempt to overcharge. Regularly review your bills for errors, such as charges for services not rendered or inflated hours. If your lawyer is evasive or unclear about these matters, this lack of transparency might indicate possible misconduct or incompetence.

Unprofessional conduct

Your lawyer should always maintain a professional demeanor and show respect towards you, your case and the legal system. Behaviors such as showing up late, being unprepared or displaying unethical conduct might suggest a lack of professional integrity.

Recognizing these red flags can help you evaluate whether your lawyer is acting in your best interests. If you observe these signs, consider seeking a second opinion. Legal malpractice can seriously jeopardize your real estate transaction, so it’s important to stay vigilant and proactive in your legal representation. You have options that you may choose to exercise if you suffer harm because of malpractice.