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Did your attorney work outside their field of knowledge?

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2022 | Legal Malpractice

A legal dispute is no laughing matter. You likely have to file tons of paperwork, spend countless hours getting everything in order and (most importantly) try to find the right attorney to take your case. 

The only problem, however, is that your attorney didn’t do what they were hired for, they acted against their professional responsibilities and your interests, which led to losing your case. It became painfully clear, during your case, that your attorney really didn’t understand the area of law applicable to your case – and that left them unprepared to advocate for you.

Working outside their field of knowledge can be legal malpractice

It’s not likely an attorney would take a case with the intent of breaking the trust of their clients and jeopardizing their license. There are a lot of new attorneys who are trying to make names for themselves. In other words, some attorneys will take whatever case happens to land on their desk – even if they shouldn’t.

What this can lead to is an attorney working outside their field of knowledge and failing to know how to apply the law. They may not take the necessary steps to strategize a plan for a case. There may even be certain documents that they’re unfamiliar with, causing the attorney to improperly complete and file them. 

Proving that an attorney was negligent during a case can be difficult. It can be hard to trust another legal source to handle another case, however, but it is still important to know your legal rights and reach out for help to protect your interests.