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How legal malpractice can hurt creative professionals

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2022 | Legal Malpractice

Many creative professionals rely upon strong intellectual property protections to secure their work, including artists, songwriters, authors, video game designers, and much more. When these creators place their trust in an attorney to protect their work, and that attorney fails to do so, it can be a stunning and costly blow.

Your work may not be protected

Having a copyright over a creative work provides a sense of security. It tells everyone that you, as a creative professional, own your creation and that no one can infringe upon it. If someone wants to use your work, they may only do so with your express consent.

If your lawyer failed to properly copyright your work, you lose that sense of security and possibly much more. Others may use your work without properly licensing it, or even claim they were the first to come up with a brilliant idea. In an industry where a single innovation can make or break a career, such a mistake can inflict significant professional – and financial – harm.

You may violate another’s work without knowing it

Another way in which legal malpractice can impact a creative professional is if you sought to license another person’s creation but your lawyer failed to take the proper legal steps in helping you do so. You may have had every intention of going through the proper legal channels in order to implement a song, design or other creation into your own work, but if your attorney failed to competently represent you, you could become the target of damaging infringement accusations and even lawsuits.

You have legal rights

If you are the victim of legal malpractice in relation to a copyright or other intellectual property matter, you have rights and options you should know about. No matter how much you have lost, you may be able to obtain justice and compensation by taking legal action today.