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What should I know about insurance coverage for different work situations?

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2021 | Legal Malpractice

Not every attorney works solely for a firm. This can make for complications when it comes to legal malpractice insurance. If you find yourself in a situation where you may work in various settings, you must make sure you understand your coverage.

The American Bar Association explains you need to think of every detail when working in various settings, including the area of law in which you practice if it differs from your normal work. Insurers may limit coverage to certain legal practices only or may not insure you if you work outside of a certain setting.

Working outside your normal scope

Some situations where you may run into a problem include moonlighting or contract work. A typical policy will only cover you if you are doing work under the firm or under normal conditions. When you moonlight or do contract work, you are doing something outside the scope of your normal work, which means your policy will not likely cover you if there is a claim.

Doing other types of work

Even if what you do is not something on the side, such as pro bono work or working as an arbitrator or mediator, you may need to check your insurance coverage. Policies will typically cover such things as long as you are still a representative of your firm, but there is a chance they will not cover these tasks.

Leaving a firm

Once you leave a firm, you are no longer under its policy, but any work you did while still at the firm should be covered. You will want to check this. You may need a special policy to cover you once you leave.

The considerations you must make are important to ensure if you have a claim against you, your insurance will cover you.