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Three 6 Mafia accused of 150 copyright law violations

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2020 | Copyright Law

Artists around the nation put their hearts and souls into their work. It is only right that they profit off of their creations. Unfortunately, other artists or entities may try to misuse or outright steal work that another artist already created. Copyright law exists to protect artists in New York and elsewhere from that happening and provide them legal recourse if it should occur. A few artists put this to the test recently when they made the choice to sue the hip-hop group known as Three 6 Mafia

The suit has been filed by several artists who claim that they worked with members of Three 6 Mafia when they were just starting out. They say that they contributed lyrics for several of the group’s songs without receiving credit. The artists bringing the suit say they want damages and to prevent the group from receiving further profit off of work it did not create on their own.

Ironically, individual members of Three 6 Mafia have brought their own suits against other artists over copyright infringement. One suit even claims that artist Travis Scott illegally used part of the song “Tear Da Club,” which is one of the songs named in this most recent claim brought against Three 6 Mafia. That particular case settled, but the future of this latest lawsuit looks unclear.

Whether an artist is known worldwide or is just getting a career going, no one else should ever steal creative work for their own gain. Any artists here in New York who feel their work has been misused or who want to protect their existing work may want to reach out to an experienced copyright law attorney. It could be the smartest career move a performer, or artist of any medium, ever makes.