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Copyright law legislation may affect music on the radio

Recording artists in New York and around the country often dream of the day that they hear their music being played on the radio. If they aren't paid royalties when that happens, some think that it can undermine the work that went into creating their songs. Lawmakers are currently considering legislation that may change that, but some are worried that the new copyright law may inadvertently have a negative effect on artists.

Commingling funds is a serious violation of client trust

One kind of legal malpractice that you should know about is called commingling. Commingling is when a legal professional mingles their own funds with their beneficiary's, client's, ward's or employer's funds. Under the Rules of Professional Conduct, it is illegal to do this and subject to disciplinary action.

Copyright law: Who owns what artificial intelligence creates?

When it comes to artistic works and ownership, most people probably think that whoever created a particular piece of art is the person who should own it. These matters aren't always so simple, though, since companies can purchase works of art and the copyright that goes with them. The advancement of technology brings a new layer in the discussion of copyright law as experts try to determine how to handle artistic works created by artificial intelligence (AI). New York artists may want to pay attention to this debate since it may affect the usage of artistic works that already exist.

Did Taylor Swift use intellectual property of other songwriters?

Many common and popular phrases appear in different songs. Because certain phrases have been part of common usage for so long, no one is certain who the first person may have been to actually say the words. However, there are often disputes over whether certain phrases actually are part of common vernacular. New York artists of all mediums may be interested in a recent case brought against popular singer Taylor Swift, who has been accused of using the intellectual property of two other songwriters that say she used lines from their own songs in the lyrics for one of her most popular hits. Reps for Swift argue that the lines in question weren't invented by the songwriters.

Copyright law may help reclaim your music rights

The music industry used to be different. Music companies practically owned songwriters and artists, and if they wanted to make a career in the industry, they had to sacrifice the rights to their music. After years of giving their lives to these companies, many songwriters and artists across the country, including many here in New York, may want to get back the rights to their music. Fortunately, copyright law may help in that regard.


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