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Legal malpractice claim stems from rejected appeal

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2019 | Legal Malpractice

Facing a legal issue can happen to almost anyone. As a result, most people choose to enlist professional help when handling legal claims to ensure that their cases are properly addressed. Unfortunately, some parties may find that their counsel did not perform their duties appropriately, and they may choose to file legal malpractice claims.

New York readers may be interested in this type of clam that was filed out of state. According to reports, the claim stems from a lawsuit that resulted in four beer stores being closed down. The stores were fought against by activists who believed that the sales contributed to alcohol-related issues on a nearby reservation and contributed to openly drunken individuals on the streets. In 2017, the state’s Liquor Control Commission chose to revoke the liquor licenses for those stores.

The owners appealed the decision, but the appeal was rejected due to a mistake on the part of the owners’ attorney. Apparently, he did not properly notify the citizen protestors about the appeal by forgetting to include “all parties” in the documents. The attorney made the owners aware of this mistake and indicated that they could contact his malpractice insurance carrier. However, the owners were unable to obtain compensation from the insurance carrier and have filed the lawsuit as a result.

During legal cases, even the simplest mistake can have far-reaching outcomes. If New York residents believe that their legal representation did not properly perform their duties during previous cases, they may want to look into legal malpractice claims. Obtaining information about this potential option could help them determine whether they should move forward with such action.