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Ernie Hines accuses Jay-Z and Timbaland of copyright infringement

On Behalf of | May 24, 2019 | Copyright Law

Many musicians in New York and elsewhere have drawn inspiration from hits from previous decades and in some cases, they may even use samples of these hits to create their own music. When using another artist’s work, obtaining consent is advisable, as failing to do so could prompt intense legal disputes. Singer and songwriter Ernie Hines has recently filed a lawsuit accusing Jay-Z and Timbaland of copyright infringement under similar circumstances.

The dispute reportedly stems from a song Hines co-wrote and composed in the 1970s. According to the lawsuit, Jay-Z and Timbaland both used samples from the song to create their own music. Hines asserts that in both cases, each artist failed to obtain consent to use the sample, and he also asserts that he has not received any monetary benefit from the success of these albums.

The two songs in question were reportedly released between 1998 and 1999. However, Hines asserts that he does not listen to their specific genre of music and as such only recently became aware of their existence. He has since filed a lawsuit against the artists accusing them of copyright infringement and conversion and is seeking more than $2 million in restitution.

Copyright infringement is a major concern for artists in a variety of fields. Those who feel that another party has used their property unlawfully could benefit from consulting with an experienced attorney for guidance on their available legal avenues. An attorney can help a client in New York better understand each available option and assist in pursuing the compensation entitled through a claim against the party or parties deemed responsible.