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Victims of legal malpractice seek justice

The relationship between a lawyer and client is one of trust. Because of an attorney’s knowledge and experience with the law, a client depends on the attorney to handle complex legal situations. This may be especially true when the clients are the victims of accidents and are in pain or recovering from injuries. If an attorney in New York or any other state breaches that trust through legal malpractice, it can have devastating results for the client.

In another state, numerous victims are learning just how negatively their lives can be affected by the misconduct of an attorney. One woman was shocked to learn that her 64-year-old personal injury attorney had settled her case without her knowledge and allegedly kept the money for himself. When she attempted to confront him, she discovered several other clients who had apparently had similar experiences with the attorney.

Authorities say that for seven months they had been investigating complaints from at least nine clients who say the attorney never paid them their insurance settlements from accidents. Investigators estimate that the total amount the lawyer is accused of stealing may reach $4 million, and it is possible there are many more victims. These clients were counting on their insurance claims to cover their medical bills, and some have lost their homes or had to file for bankruptcy.

The attorney avoided police for months before turning himself in. He now faces numerous criminal charges as well as civil claims. Those in New York whose trust is breached by a lawyer have every right to seek redress through the court system. They would benefit from the counsel of an attorney who is dedicated to standing up for victims of legal malpractice.