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Will the real Village People please stand up: Copyright law issue

A group of men took to the stage in the 70s to entertain music lovers with their song and dance talent. They were a costume-oriented group known as The Village People. Many people today still recognize their construction worker, Native American and cowboy persona, in addition to a few others Several members of the original group are currently engaged in a contentious copyright law dispute involving several other management and licensing entities.

Legal Malpractice Case Filed Against Gloria Allred

Gloria Allred may not be a household name, but many are familiar with her work. The attorney has represented high-profile cases, including defamation, sexual assault and discrimination lawsuits against celebrities like Bill Cosby and Donald Trump. Last month, a former client filed suit against her for legal malpractice and fraud, alleging that she didn’t follow through with promised counsel, as well as failure to disclose a conflict of interest.

AI creations give rise to questions about copyright law

There is no question that laws and ethics are having a difficult time keeping up with technology. Some of the most intriguing arguments that arise from the explosion of technological advances include those questions involving copyright law. With the advent of artificial intelligence, the world is seeing works of art seemingly created by computers. Some in New York are wondering who, exactly, owns the rights to those works of art.

Should you sue your divorce attorney for legal malpractice?

Divorces are an emotional and exhausting process. You are overwhelmed and trying to navigate a complicated process that affects your future. Naturally, you rely upon your attorney’s advice as the expert to support your interests, and ensure that you end up with the best possible settlement.

Intellectual property litigation may affect digital media

Richard Prince has a reputation for pushing the limits. The photographer and artist has raised the ire of other artists for nearly 40 years by appropriating their work, re-imagining it and presenting it to the New York public as his own original art. It is precisely this modus operandi that has him facing intellectual property litigation in federal court.

Bob Gaudio says Spotify violates copyright law with 'Rag Doll'

Music is part of many important moments in the average life. Many people have special songs they associate with romances and breakups, vacations, proms, weddings, and even funerals. The past 35 years have seen a rapid evolution of technology, making music more accessible to more people and simplifying the process of adding songs to a personal playlist. However, such technology has been a nightmare for many musicians and songwriters as copyright law struggles to keep up with the rapid pace.


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