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AI creations give rise to questions about copyright law

There is no question that laws and ethics are having a difficult time keeping up with technology. Some of the most intriguing arguments that arise from the explosion of technological advances include those questions involving copyright law. With the advent of artificial intelligence, the world is seeing works of art seemingly created by computers. Some in New York are wondering who, exactly, owns the rights to those works of art.

Several years ago, a photographer in another state claimed the rights to a photograph allegedly taken by the man's macaque monkey. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals insisted that the rights and subsequent royalties of the monkey's selfie belonged to the animal, but the photographer argued that he set up the shot; therefore, the images belonged to him. While the court agreed that copyright protection belongs to humans, the case is still under appeal.

Should you sue your divorce attorney for legal malpractice?

Divorces are an emotional and exhausting process. You are overwhelmed and trying to navigate a complicated process that affects your future. Naturally, you rely upon your attorney’s advice as the expert to support your interests, and ensure that you end up with the best possible settlement.

However, something may feel off during the divorce proceedings. You may wonder whether your attorney is really acting in your best interest, or if they have they done everything that they can to get you the best settlement offer. If so, it is possible that your attorney is involved in legal malpractice. Do you know when you should challenge your divorce lawyer for legal malpractice?

Intellectual property litigation may affect digital media

Richard Prince has a reputation for pushing the limits. The photographer and artist has raised the ire of other artists for nearly 40 years by appropriating their work, re-imagining it and presenting it to the New York public as his own original art. It is precisely this modus operandi that has him facing intellectual property litigation in federal court.

Prince's concept of transforming the art of other people did not impress a U.S. district court judge. The judge ruled against Prince when the photographer asked the court to dismiss a lawsuit filed against Prince and the gallery displaying Prince's work. The photograph in question was called "Rastafarian Smoking a Joint," posted on the Instagram account of photographer Donald Graham.

Bob Gaudio says Spotify violates copyright law with 'Rag Doll'

Music is part of many important moments in the average life. Many people have special songs they associate with romances and breakups, vacations, proms, weddings, and even funerals. The past 35 years have seen a rapid evolution of technology, making music more accessible to more people and simplifying the process of adding songs to a personal playlist. However, such technology has been a nightmare for many musicians and songwriters as copyright law struggles to keep up with the rapid pace.

In recent years, Spotify, a digital streaming music service, has been embroiled in lawsuits with artists who claim the company has distributed their copyrighted songs without paying the required licensing fees. In particular, New York's Bob Gaudio, one of the founders of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, has complained that Spotify is not fully licensed to offer his songs. Gaudio is the songwriter responsible for the hits "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" and "Rag Doll," among many others.

Is a lawyer's incompetence grounds for a legal malpractice claim?

People hire lawyers when their situations require legal expertise or skillful representation. When someone's life, future or finances are placed in the hands of a New York attorney, a lot may be riding on a successful resolution. If a client has limited knowledge of the law or legal procedures, it may be difficult for him or her to know when an attorney is not handling things well until the case ends badly. However, recognizing the signs that one is receiving ineffective counsel may help a plaintiff or defendant decide if there is a case for legal malpractice.

Lawyers are often referred to as counselors. This is because one of the most important roles of a lawyer is to counsel and advise a client. A client has the right to suspect his or her counselor is ineffective if the attorney makes important legal decisions, such as accepting a plea deal or settling a case, without discussing the pros and cons with the client. In fact, clients should be able to expect their attorneys to communicate regularly and collaborate closely with them throughout the process.

Musicians and new bands have intellectual property to protect

How many high school kids get together and make music in their parents' garages or basements? In the beginning, most of those kids likely expect they will make it big, cut a record and play their songs in front of stadium crowds. A few of the lucky ones achieve their dreams, and others may see success on a smaller scale. However, before introducing their art to the world, New York musicians are advised to take steps to protect their most important asset: their intellectual property.

Intellectual property is often thought of in reference to software and business information. However, anything that is created is the intellectual property of the creator. By protecting those rights, a musician or artist ensures that no one else will profit from his or her ideas. For example, before a band can cover another artist's copyrighted song in public, the owner of the establishment must acquire a performing license from the appropriate society.

What to do after a real estate contract error

You decided to sell your home a few years ago and took all the right steps to ensure a seamless transaction. You diligently worked and researched to hire the right real estate agent and attorney to make the deal complete. The attorney wrote and reviewed a contract while the real estate agent marketed and sold your home. Everything was good, right?

Now, with the home well in your rearview mirror, you get a letter in the mail saying the buyer wants to take legal action against you due to a discrepancy in the contract. You thought you took all the necessary steps to avoid a problem, but now this one can't be ignored. How do you proactively resolve the case? Can the attorney who caused the error be held responsible?

Jenner sisters accused of infringing on intellectual property

New York draws artists from all over the world because of the city's inspiration and opportunity. Writers, musicians, painters, filmmakers and photographers often make great sacrifices to produce their craft, and that makes them rightfully protective of their intellectual property. Moreover, the law protects such artists and their work from unauthorized use by someone else who seeks to make a profit. Kylie and Kendall Jenner may have just learned a valuable lesson about this area of law.

Photographer Michael Miller is known for his work with entertainment icons, especially in the hip hop world. Recently, however, Miller was not pleased to learn that some of his most famous photographs had been incorporated into T-shirts for the Jenner sisters' line of clothing. Kendall + Kylie brand clothing line superimposed images of the sisters and their company's logo over copyrighted photos of Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G.

Could your attorney have committed legal malpractice?

It is only natural to be upset with your attorney when the outcome of your case is not what you expected. You may begin to wonder whether your attorney failed to do something that could have changed the outcome. Most attorneys take their responsibilities to their clients seriously, and just because your case did not go as you liked does not mean that your attorney committed legal malpractice. The only way to know is through an investigation regarding your attorney's activities during your case -- whether it took place in a New York criminal or civil court.

Some of the most common ways that attorneys breach their duties to their clients include missing deadlines, being unresponsive or missing a statute of limitations. You may take issue with the fees your attorney charged you. Your attorney may have failed to reveal a conflict of interest, or may have taken action in your case without your consent. These would be considered ethical violations.

Copyright lawsuit brought over Tupac Shakur biopic

Among the options a person can have when a copyright of theirs has been infringed upon is to bring a copyright infringement lawsuit. There are many different ways a copyrighted work a person created could be unlawfully infringed upon. One is if the work is used in a movie without the permission of the copyright holder. Recently, a lawsuit has been brought in which a magazine writer alleges that this occurred to him.

The lawsuit regards the film “"All Eyez On Me," a movie on the life of the late rapper Tupac Shakur. The writer alleges that parts of the film infringe on the copyrights of articles that he wrote in the past on the rapper. He claims that the movie borrowed aspects from his articles for some of its narratives and stories.


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