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Why are legal practice areas important?

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2021 | Legal Malpractice

An attorney will typically choose one or a few areas of law in which to practice. They generally will only take cases within those practice areas. According to the American Bar Association, you should always consider the attorney’s practice areas when hiring one.

Attorneys should stick to what they know because it can help them to avoid legal malpractice claims. Clients need to understand the importance of practice areas.

Importance of practice areas

Practice areas are the different types of law. For example, personal injury, bankruptcy and estate are all practice areas.

The law is complex. It is impossible for one attorney to know all the details and specifics of every area of law. This is why they focus on only one or a few areas.

When an attorney works only in certain areas of law, he or she knows the most about those areas. All attorneys will have some knowledge of every area of law, but they may not be the right choice to take a case on a topic they do not work in often.

Malpractice issues

If an attorney takes a case in an area of law with which he or she is not familiar it can lead to problems. The attorney will not likely be able to offer the best help. He or she may make mistakes or overlook important aspects that can have a major impact on the outcome of the case.

For example, a personal injury attorney may know little about criminal law. He or she should not take on criminal law cases because of the risks of not understanding the law and the rules in this particular area.

Practice areas let clients know what an attorney is good at. It is always imperative to choose an attorney practicing in the area in which your case falls.