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Instagram warning users about possible copyright law violation

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2020 | Copyright Law

Copyright violations can be devastating to a New York artist’s career. Though there are unscrupulous entities that won’t hesitate to use an artist’s work without permission, many copyright violations are much less sinister. With the popularity of social media and the internet, many individuals accidentally violate copyright law by playing an artist’s work without permission. However, just because a person doesn’t maliciously intend to steal an artist’s work doesn’t mean the violation is unimportant. To that end, social media platform Instagram recently announced that it will warn users about possible copyright infringement when users stream live content that contains music.

Many artists and music labels have complained that their music is being used without permission when users run live video feeds over the internet. In the past, Instagram and other social media sites would either mute the livestream or end it altogether if a user is playing music for which he or she does not own the copyright. Some feel this measure is too extreme and that if they are notified of a possible violation, they could take action before being muted or stopped so that they could continue their livestream.

Instagram responded by creating a pop-up that warns users when they may potentially be violating copyright law. If the user ignores these warnings, then the more drastic action of muting or ending their livestream would take place.  The social; media giant also says that it has clarified for users what steps to take once that occurs so that they can lawfully stream their own content again.

Even if a person has no ill intentions when broadcasting someone else’s music, it is still a potential violation of copyright law. Artists of all kinds deserve to receive fair compensation for their creations. Those here in New York interested in the best methods for protecting their work can speak to a copyright law attorney.