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Copyright law claim: Screenwriter says his script was stolen

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2019 | Copyright Law

When artists create a piece of art, it is often precious to them. They are generally careful to protect their works and ideas so that other people cannot steal them and profit from them without proper compensation to the artist. Unfortunately, many New York artists still have their creations taken from them. Copyright law exists to offer artists a means of protecting themselves by taking action against those who may try to use their work without permission. This is what courts will consider in a suit that a screenwriter filed against several entities and people that he claims stole parts of his script that eventually appeared in a recent feature film.

The screenwriter says that he wrote his film back in 2015 and met with different production companies in the hopes of having it produced. He claims he communicated with several high-profile actors about possibly appearing in the movie as well. He says he also had the idea to include a few professional athletes in the film. None of the parties he met with or spoke to purchased his script.

He alleges that the recent feature film “What Men Want” contained several of his ideas. He says that the two protagonists were similar and had similar events happen to them in the film. “What Men Want” also featured cameos by several professional athletes. His copyright infringement suit names Paramount Pictures, BET, Will Packer and several of the screenwriters of “What Men Want.”

This man’s lawsuit underscores just how important it is that artists of all mediums do everything they can to protect their artistic works and ideas. Any artist here in New York who has questions about how to accomplish that may want to consult with an attorney who has experience in handling copyright law claims. It is important that artists are able to profit from their work in the intended manner.