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Exercise company Peloton accused of violating copyright law

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2019 | Copyright Law

Many exercise enthusiasts in New York and elsewhere say that nothing propels them through a workout like music. Generally, this means they are listening to music they have purchased and use only for personal benefit. They do not financially profit off of using music while working out. However, the popular exercise company Peloton, known for offering online classes for people to follow during home workouts, is in hot water over its music usage. The National Music Publisher’s Association claims Peloton streams music during classes, which is in violation of copyright law.

The NMPA hit Peleton with a lawsuit earlier this year for using music from many popular artists during online classes. The lawsuit was recently updated to include more than 1,300 more songs and now stands at $450 million. Representatives for NMPA say that Peloton hasn’t obtained the necessary music licensing or paid the songwriters.

Sources report that Peloton already paid over $50 million to use music during workouts. The company intends to countersue NMPA for anticompetitive behavior. Peloton was set to go public on the stock market later this year, and its representatives allege that this is why the NMPA is pursing its lawsuit. The company reports it cannot properly and publicly respond because of its impending initial public offering.

Whatever the outcome of this particular case, it serves as a reminder of just how important it is that artists of all levels are properly compensated for their work. Copyright law exists to protect an artist’s work and ensure that its usage is handled as the artist wishes. Here in New York, an attorney with significant knowledge of how to manage copyright law may be the most effective way for an artist to ensure that his or her work is given the proper value.