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Do I have a good reason to file for legal malpractice?

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2019 | Legal Malpractice

When you hire a lawyer, you do so because you trust that they will have the competency and loyalty required to protect your best interests. If you are dissatisfied concerning the outcome of a legal process, you may have reason to believe that your lawyer underperformed or did not adequately fight for you. As a result, you will have lost significant damages.

If you believe that your lawyer did not act competently, it is important to consider whether legal malpractice occurred. If you can prove that your lawyer did not represent you skillfully and that they caused you harm and financial losses, you may be able to recoup damages by making a legal malpractice claim in New York. The following are common situations that can lead to a successful legal malpractice case.

Your lawyer failed to correctly apply the law

The law can be extremely complex, and that’s exactly why ordinary people hire lawyers to assist them in understanding and applying the law to their circumstance. It should be expected that lawyers have a comprehensive understanding of the law, and can apply it creatively. This means that they should be aware of any loopholes that could affect the case. Failure to do this could constitute legal malpractice.

Your lawyer did not perform a thorough investigation

Thorough research needs to be conducted in any legal case. If a lawyer is not conscientious and tenacious when it comes to understanding even the most intricate details, they could miss out on important information that could affect the outcome of a case.

Your lawyer has a conflict of interest

Your lawyer needs to be fully committed to representing you and fighting for your interests. This means that they should not be remotely involved in protecting the interests of any other individuals relating to the case. Larger law firms have a higher likelihood of having a conflict of interest, since other lawyers in the firm may have involvement with the representation of other parties.

If you want to get justice as a result of being a victim of legal malpractice, it is important that you waste no time in taking action. By understanding how your lawyer was incompetent or disloyal, you will have a better chance of being successful.