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Couple files legal malpractice suit against former attorney

On Behalf of | May 27, 2019 | Legal Malpractice

When New York residents hire professionals to complete a job, they typically expect the task to be completed correctly. This may be especially true for those in the medical and legal fields. Unfortunately, some parties may find themselves the victims of legal malpractice after turning to attorneys for help, and as a result, they could have reason to take legal action against their former attorneys.

It was recently reported that a couple in another state has filed a malpractice lawsuit against their former attorney. According to reports, the couple retained the man in 2015 in efforts to start a bankruptcy case. They were facing foreclosure on their home and, understandably, wanted to stop that process and get their financial affairs in order. At the time, the couple paid $1,800 to the attorney.

The attorney reportedly did not file their bankruptcy petition until six months later and failed to keep them updated on their case. In 2017, the bank put their home up for sale, and they did not know until seeing the notice in their newspaper. Eventually, the family had to obtain another attorney in order to stop the sale of their home. In the meantime, they had paid over $50,000 in fees and owed more money to the bank. Their recent suit against their first attorney claims that he cost them over $100,000 in all and breached his fiduciary duties.

Many New York residents may not even be aware that they could have the option of filing a legal malpractice suit against their attorneys for such unprofessional actions. While this type of malpractice suit may be less common than others, individuals who have suffered damages due to the actions or inaction of a legal professional may have to consider this option. Speaking with individuals who handle this type of case may be wise.