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Copyright infringement lawsuit filed against DJ Marshmello

On Behalf of | May 14, 2019 | Copyright Law

The music industry is one that involves a great deal of creativity. As a result, most musicians do not want their work unjustly used and seek copyright protections to avoid such outcomes. Still, some musical artists may find that others have used their work or created works similar to theirs, and copyright infringement lawsuits could result.

New York readers may be interested in such a lawsuit that was recently filed in a federal court in another state. According to reports, Artem Stoliarov, also known as Arty, is a DJ who filed the lawsuit against Marshmello, another EDM DJ. Apparently, Arty believes that “Happier,” a song created by Marshmello and the band Bastille, willfully copies Arty’s remix of another song. The suit claims that the “Happier” songwriters took composition elements from his remix to use in the song.

Arty’s legal representation stated that his legal complaint includes a musical transcription comparison that indicates note-for-note copying of the DJ’s work. Reportedly, a representative for Marshmello did not provide comment for the report. Arty is looking to obtain actual damages and profits earned domestically and internationally from the alleged infringement.

Copyright infringement can cause a number of issues for artists and other individuals who have copyrighted material. As this case shows, it may be necessary to file lawsuits in efforts to pursue damages and monetary recompense for such infringement. If New York residents believe that their copyrights have been unlawfully used, they may want to discuss their legal options with experienced attorneys who can provide insight and guidance on such scenarios.