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3 legal errors that your attorney should know better than to make

On Behalf of | May 6, 2019 | Legal Malpractice

Attorneys are human, and, as a result, there is a chance that they’ll make mistakes. No one can know everything about every law, statute or situation, so it’s no surprise that errors are made. However, there are many mistakes that attorneys should know better than to make.

Some of the mistakes attorneys know to avoid include failing to file documents with the court on time, failing to keep their clients informed of the status of the case and trying to hide mistakes when they happen. Here’s a little more on each one and what they can mean for your case.

1. Failing to file court documents on time

Failing to file documents on time with the court can mean the end of your case and an inability to seek whatever relief you wanted from the court system. It may mean being unable to seek compensation for a wrongful death or personal injury, for example. No attorney should make this mistake, but some do and must be held accountable.

2. Failing to inform clients

It’s important to inform clients regularly of the status of their cases. This is true especially if an error is made that threatens a case or ends it completely. Your attorney has an obligation to let you know what’s happening and why.

3. Trying to hide mistakes

By law, attorneys are to be responsible for the mistakes they make. That includes letting the client know if they’ve made a mistake or error that could harm the person’s case or that has already harmed their case. Attempting to hide the mistake does nothing but drag out the problem and often results in a legal malpractice case in the end.

What should you do if you’re a victim of an attorney’s errors?

If your case falls apart because your attorney makes a mistake, it’s vital that you reach out to someone who can assist you with your legal malpractice case right away. Your new attorney will be able to review what happened and determine if a legal malpractice case is the right path forward. They may be able to help you negotiate for a settlement with the other attorney or find new ways to resolve your case, so that you can walk away satisfied.

No two cases are equal, so bring all the information you have with you to make sure your New York attorney has enough to work with.