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Protection of intellectual property is more important than ever

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2019 | Intellectual Property

Advancement in technology has brought many benefits to the business world, but it also presents some unique and specific challenges. One of these includes the difficulty of protecting intellectual property in this current age. Thanks to technology, New York companies are now able to design, build and sell products faster than ever, but this also means that it can be more difficult to keep designs and proprietary information in the right hands. 

Intellectual property protection is a major issue for companies, particularly e-commerce companies. For example, a small business that sells custom T-shirts may post a few designs on social media for marketing purposes. Another company or counterfeiter can come along and replicate and reproduce the same design without the original owner receiving appropriate compensation or even knowing what happened.

Counterfeit items and stolen designs are currently significant concerns. Intellectual property protection and enforcement is a complex issue, but there are things New York companies can do to shield their interests. One of these is to take immediate action to seek trademarks and patents for products, designs and other important things. Another important step is to take immediate action against those who infringe on copyrights. 

There are various legal protections available to companies and businesses that wish to protect their intellectual property. There are also options for legal recourse available to those who have had their information, product designs and other aspects of their business operations counterfeited or stolen. It may be helpful for business owners to discuss their needs and concerns with a legal professional experienced in copyright law and trademark enforcement.