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Model faces intellectual property litigation for use of photo

It is not unusual for celebrities to post pictures of themselves on their social media pages. In fact, some may plan elaborate photo shoots to get just the right picture to use for self-promotion. At the same time, celebrities are known for disdaining the attention of the paparazzi, who may post unflattering pictures of them. However, one fashion model is facing intellectual property litigation for using a paparazzi photo on her Instagram page without the New York photographer’s permission.

Gigi Hadid is no stranger to this type of controversy as she settled out of court last year when a photographer accused her of the same action. The model apparently uploaded a copyrighted photo of herself to her social media page, attracted millions of likes and then deleted the image. The photographers in both cases brought legal action seeking damages, profits and legal fees. In the most recent case, the photographer cites the previous alleged copyright violation as evidence that the model willfully used the photo without permission and understood well the consequences.

The photographer claims Hadid has posted more than 50 of his photos without crediting his work. The model and other celebrities justify their use of copyrighted photos by saying they own the rights to their own images and likenesses. However, under New York law, celebrities are the exception, and the courts frequently side with photographers when their work includes images of people who are considered newsworthy.

As this case proceeds, many photographers will likely take notice of the court’s actions. Photographers are often the victims of copyright violations, especially when it comes to social medial. A skilled attorney can offer sound advice for one’s options for a positive resolution, including pursuing intellectual property litigation.