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Intellectual property litigation underway involving Kanye West

When people create visual, audible or physical works, they often put a considerable amount of passion into those works. Whether they create something with the intention of later making a profit or whether they just create for the sake of creation, they have a stake in their work. As a result, it is often wise for creators to copyright their work to prevent unauthorized use, but unfortunately, intellectual property litigation could still take place.

New York readers may be interested in a copyright infringement case currently taking place in another state. According to reports, the case involves the family of a young girl and recording artist Kanye West. Apparently, the young girl had said a passionate prayer while she, her guardian and her biological mother were taking a trip. A video of the prayer was uploaded to social media, and due to its popularity, the family registered a copyright for the girl’s prayer.

The girl’s biological mother was contacted by representatives for Kanye West to request the use of the prayer in one of his songs. Her mother verbally agreed to the use with the stipulation that payment would be received. However, despite the use of the prayer, the family has apparently not received any type of compensation, which has led to the lawsuit. Additionally, the girl’s guardian stated that her biological mother did not have the authority to make the agreement on behalf of the child in the first place.

Copyright infringement is a serious violation that can leave creators cheated out of compensation and other benefits. As this case shows, legal action may be warranted when rights need to be upheld. If New York creators believe that their copyrights have been violated, they may want to look into their legal options, which may include intellectual property litigation.