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Sony files copyright law claim in alleged pirating of games

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2018 | Copyright Law

The development of ideas, photographs, games and other such items take time and money. These developments are often the lifeblood of a New York business. As such, in many instances, these businesses are afforded protection for these items under copyright law.

For example, Sony has undoubtedly spent considerable manpower and financial resources in the development of its various gaming systems and associated games. As a part of their business practices, these various games have been copyrighted. Thus, Sony is the ultimate one to benefit from the sale of these products. Additionally, Sony’s customers expect a certain quality based upon the reputation of the company.

However, there are those who attempt to profit by violating this copyright protection. It appears that another entity has been using an online site to sell Sony PS4 machines with pirated games already loaded on the machines. After viewing the online listing in which these game machines were advertised for sale with over 60 games preloaded, Sony representatives ordered two of the systems. When the order was received, it was determined that these machines did come with the pirated games as advertised. Sony has now filed suit against the individual who listed and sold these machines.

Copyright law is in place to protect the individual or company who owns the copyright. When a New York individual and/or company’s copyright is believed to be violated, it may be time to take legal action. Such action may be necessary to prevent further violation and to protect the company’s products, profits and customers.