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Client files legal malpractice claim, says lawyer abandoned case

On Behalf of | May 7, 2018 | Legal Malpractice

Facing any kind of legal issue can be overwhelming for most people. Without years of education and training, the average person in New York may have little knowledge about how to proceed. Adding to the intimidation is the fact that the outcome of most legal issues can have critical consequences affecting one’s freedom and/or finances. When those facing legal challenges turn to an attorney for help, they rely on the professionalism of the lawyer to carry them through the troubles. Unfortunately, some must resort to legal malpractice claims when things go wrong.

One client in another state may be in just such a situation after the attorney retained to handle a bankruptcy allegedly failed to follow through with the process. The lawyer has since had her law license suspended by the supreme court in her state following an investigation by the attorney disciplinary council. According to media reports, the attorney has acknowledged her actions were inexcusable, including failing to complete the filing procedure for her client’s bankruptcy and neglecting to communicate with her client.

While hinting that she had fallen ill, the attorney also admits that the bankruptcy case was simple enough that she should not have abandoned her client. The client, who had few assets and no income, likely struggled to come up with the $935 fee paid in advance to the attorney. After practicing law for nearly 40 years, the lawyer must wait two years to apply for reinstatement.

When an attorney abandons a client at a critical point in a legal proceeding, the client may feel he or she has nowhere to turn. This may be especially true if the client has already paid excessive fees. Those in New York can find an advocate in a legal malpractice lawyer who is dedicated to protecting clients who have been harmed by the misconduct of their attorneys.

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