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Copyright lawsuit brought over Tupac Shakur biopic

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2017 | Copyright Law

Among the options a person can have when a copyright of theirs has been infringed upon is to bring a copyright infringement lawsuit. There are many different ways a copyrighted work a person created could be unlawfully infringed upon. One is if the work is used in a movie without the permission of the copyright holder. Recently, a lawsuit has been brought in which a magazine writer alleges that this occurred to him.

The lawsuit regards the film “”All Eyez On Me,” a movie on the life of the late rapper Tupac Shakur. The writer alleges that parts of the film infringe on the copyrights of articles that he wrote in the past on the rapper. He claims that the movie borrowed aspects from his articles for some of its narratives and stories.

Various parties related to the creation of the film are named as defendants in the writer’s copyright infringement lawsuit.

One wonders what will be found in this case regarding whether the film did in fact infringe on the writer’s copyrights regarding his articles.

Whether or not a given work infringed on another work’s copyright can be a very complex issue. Lots of factors and details can touch on this issue. So, what kind of help a person pursuing a copyright infringement lawsuit has when it comes to things like evidence collection and the development of arguments to support their case can have considerable impacts. So, the legal guidance of an attorney experienced in copyright infringement cases can be an important thing for a person to seek out when they are considering pursuing legal action in connection to suspected infringement of their copyrights.

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