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Domestic Violence

Being accused of domestic violence (a.k.a. spousal abuse or domestic abuse) can be devastating. Along with serious criminal charges, you may be subject to a restraining order, and it may affect other important areas such as child custody. Quite simply, you will not be able to handle the situation without the help of a lawyer.

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Dropping The Charges Might Not Work

Many domestic violence charges occur after one person calls the police with a complaint. The police have strict guidelines about what they can do — if there is any evidence of violence, they will often make an arrest.

After the arrest, the person who called the police may want to drop the charges. But once the police are involved, the complainant does not have the final say. The prosecutor can continue the case regardless.

This is also true for restraining orders. If you are under a restraining order, you cannot simply convince your significant other or family member to relax the order. Especially if there is a witness saying that you were near the person, you may be charged with violating the order.

Divorce, Custody And Domestic Violence Charges

Our lawyers frequently help people who are undergoing a divorce, custody proceedings and domestic violence charges all at once. When this occurs, it is very important to deal with the criminal charges properly, so that they do not result in a divorce and custody arrangement that are stacked against you.

Defense Strategies

If a domestic violence charge is completely baseless, our lawyers will of course fight to get an acquittal. In some cases, however, it may be wiser to try to avoid jail time by making a plea in exchange for probation.

Most probation programs for domestic violence entail enrolling in an anger management course. If alcohol or drugs were involved in the incident, a substance abuse program would be wise.

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