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Social media: Protecting your content

You love using social media, but recently you've heard that you may no longer own some of the things you've posted online. You know that people can see what you've posted, but does that mean you gave up your rights?

The statute of limitations: The importance of limiting lawsuits

The statute of limitations is an important rule that establishes how long a victim has to file a lawsuit. The statute of limitations varies depending on what the case or lawsuit is about. For example, New York's statutes of limitations are usually between one and six years in length.

Victimized by legal malpractice? Here's what you should know

You thought your case was relatively straightforward. You expected your attorney to file it with the court, and you waited day after day for information on a hearing date to arrive. After waiting several weeks and reaching out to your attorney for updates with no response, you finally go to the office and find out that your attorney forgot to file the documents until your most recent call. Now, you've wasted several weeks of your time trying to figure out what was going on, and the case has reached the statute of limitations.

How negligence can affect your lawsuit

Imagine as you are telling your attorney everything you know about your case, he or she states that it seems like an open-and-shut case the firm is willing to accept. Your attorney prepares documents for you to fill out and return in order to file your lawsuit.

When does the statute of limitations begin for malpractice?

You have three years from the point of legal malpractice to file a claim against the attorney you believe wronged you. The interesting thing is that the statute of limitations isn't specific on when that three-year clock begins. Generally speaking, you have three years from the time the malpractice takes place to file a claim, but there are times when the statute of limitations may not begin its clock for many months or even years following the malpractice in the case.

Is video game streaming on YouTube copyright infringement?

In recent years, the popularity of online video game streaming has soared. YouTube in particular has seen the development of a booming cottage industry as gamers garner millions of views for their digital conquests. The advent of video games as a spectator sport has made streaming a viable career path for some, with YouTube's heavier hitters collecting significant paydays from the platform's monetization model.

Legal Malpractice Case Filed Against Gloria Allred

Gloria Allred may not be a household name, but many are familiar with her work. The attorney has represented high-profile cases, including defamation, sexual assault and discrimination lawsuits against celebrities like Bill Cosby and Donald Trump. Last month, a former client filed suit against her for legal malpractice and fraud, alleging that she didn't follow through with promised counsel, as well as failure to disclose a conflict of interest.


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