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Arias attorney risks legal malpractice after missing deadline

When facing criminal charges, especially those that carry life-altering consequences, defendants place tremendous trust in their attorneys. Mistakes made due to oversights or incompetence can leave a client serving time behind bars or worse. New York residents whose lawyers fail to provide appropriate counsel or neglect their duties in other ways may face claims of legal malpractice. In one high-profile case in another state, a missed deadline may leave a woman imprisoned for the rest of her life.

The many faces of legal malpractice

Integrity is nonnegotiable when it comes to those who choose the law for their profession. Attorneys who are sworn to uphold the law are also held to the highest standards in their own adherence to the law. When a lawyer fails in his or her duty toward a client, the client may suffer in immeasurable ways, including a financial loss, loss of opportunity and even loss of freedom. In such cases, it may be prudent to consider a legal malpractice action against your attorney.

Is it malpractice to pressure a client to agree to a settlement?

A client has accused a law firm of legal malpractice for pressuring her into agreeing to a settlement offer to resolve her case. The case involves a woman who suffered serious injuries as a result of a pelvic mesh implant. The woman needed numerous surgeries after the implant to treat her injuries.

5 errors that lead to legal malpractice allegations

Legal malpractice comes in many forms, but regardless of what happens, it impacts a client's case negatively. Whether it's an attorney who misses deadlines or one who has a conflict of interests, legal malpractice hurts the person the attorney is supposed to protect.

Overview of legal malpractice

When people in New York think of malpractice, they likely assume it to mean medical malpractice. However, just as the word malpractice can be used to describe a medical professional who fails to perform up to expected standards, so can the word describe a lawyer who violates the expectations of professional conduct for a legal professional. Determining legal malpractice is not always easy.

Attorney faces prison, disbarred after legal malpractice

When New Yorkers reach out to an attorney, it is usually because they are in trouble and/or facing some sort of legal difficulty. They may be accused of a crime that could result in years behind bars, or they may be dealing with a financial crisis due to an injury due to an accident or medical malpractice. The client trusts that the attorney has the skill and integrity to bring about a fair and positive resolution whenever possible. Unfortunately, a small number of unscrupulous attorneys put their own interests ahead of the client, sometimes taking advantage and committing legal malpractice

Legal malpractice when a lawyer files suit against wrong company

When a New York family loses a loved one in a horrific accident, they typically have a great deal on their minds in the days and weeks following the accident. There are family members and friends to contact, funeral arrangements to make and personal emotions to deal with. When the question arises of seeking potential compensation from those allegedly liable for the accident, many families leave that in the hands of a capable lawyer. However, one family in another state may now be adding filing a legal malpractice lawsuit to the list of things they have to do.

Legal malpractice claims for lack of email security

New York residents who face legal situations are often flummoxed by the complexity of the issues involved. Because an attorney has specialized knowledge, clients often take a leap of faith that the lawyer is safeguarding the information with which he or she is entrusted. When that trust is misplaced, the lawyer may end up facing allegations of legal malpractice.

Legal malpractice common after lawyers miss deadlines

When New York families take a vacation, it is usually to escape the stress of daily life and create fond memories for their children. However, injuries or illness during vacation may only add to parents' stress, and an accident certainly creates memories one would sooner forget. One family's amusement park ride was a terrifying experience, but their efforts to seek compensation for damages were met with frustration and potentially legal malpractice.

Bob Gaudio says Spotify violates copyright law with 'Rag Doll'

Music is part of many important moments in the average life. Many people have special songs they associate with romances and breakups, vacations, proms, weddings, and even funerals. The past 35 years have seen a rapid evolution of technology, making music more accessible to more people and simplifying the process of adding songs to a personal playlist. However, such technology has been a nightmare for many musicians and songwriters as copyright law struggles to keep up with the rapid pace.


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