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Legal malpractice issues: Is the attorney's work inadequate?

When New York residents encounter a legal problem, they turn to an attorney for help. They expect him or her to diligently work on the case and provide the best possible representation. If individuals question whether they are receiving the service they expect, they may begin to wonder if the attorney has committed legal malpractice.

Legal malpractice claim stems from rejected appeal

Facing a legal issue can happen to almost anyone. As a result, most people choose to enlist professional help when handling legal claims to ensure that their cases are properly addressed. Unfortunately, some parties may find that their counsel did not perform their duties appropriately, and they may choose to file legal malpractice claims.

Couple files legal malpractice suit against former attorney

When New York residents hire professionals to complete a job, they typically expect the task to be completed correctly. This may be especially true for those in the medical and legal fields. Unfortunately, some parties may find themselves the victims of legal malpractice after turning to attorneys for help, and as a result, they could have reason to take legal action against their former attorneys.

Is it too late to file a legal malpractice claim?

If you had the knowledge and experience to handle your court battles yourself, you would not need an attorney. When you have a legal issue, you rely on someone you believe has the knowledge, experience and attention to detail needed to handle the matter on your behalf. If your trust turns out to be misplaced, you could decide to file a legal malpractice claim, but is it too late by the time you discover the problem?

Lawyer faces legal malpractice claim in murder case

For many facing criminal charges in New York, the advice and representation of an attorney is their best hope of receiving a fair trial. An attorney who understands the law, the workings of the courts, and the methods of judges and other attorneys can give sound counsel for the best possible outcome for a client. On the other hand, if an attorney offers advice based on incorrect information, a client may suffer great harm, including the loss of freedom. Such a client may have cause to file a legal malpractice claim.

Cyberattack at law firm may be result of legal malpractice

There are many occasions when privacy is critical. Counseling sessions, medical records and educational files all contain information that could be destructive if the public saw them. The same is true when someone visits a New York attorney. The information a client shares with a lawyer is privileged, and attorneys are under a strict code of ethics to keep it confidential. However, when an attorney is the victim of a hacking or cyberattack, it may be cause for a legal malpractice claim.

Legal malpractice claim may follow substandard representation

There are times when an issue arises that is beyond a person's knowledge or skill to handle. Car repairs, medical problems and home improvements may be more than some people can manage, so they contact a New York professional whose job it is to know the best course of action. The same is true when facing legal issues, and in those situations, one may call an attorney. However, if the attorney does not fulfill the client's expectations, when does this cross the line into legal malpractice?

Inadequate representation may lead to legal malpractice claim

Facing a legal issue in New York or elsewhere often means relying on the representation of an attorney. Whether the matter is criminal or civil, the client has the right to expect quality counsel because there is often a great deal on the line. When an attorney fails to provide adequate representation resulting in a negative outcome for the client, the client may have cause to file a legal malpractice claim.

Attorney disbarred for legal malpractice

Hiring an attorney often takes a leap of faith. New York clients entrust their privacy, their money and their future in the hands of legal professionals with the expectation of honesty and the hope of a positive resolution to their issues. Because so much is often at stake when someone turns to a lawyer, the legal profession holds attorneys to the highest ethical standards. When those standards are not met, a lawyer may face charges of legal malpractice.


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