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Inadequate representation may lead to legal malpractice claim

Facing a legal issue in New York or elsewhere often means relying on the representation of an attorney. Whether the matter is criminal or civil, the client has the right to expect quality counsel because there is often a great deal on the line. When an attorney fails to provide adequate representation resulting in a negative outcome for the client, the client may have cause to file a legal malpractice claim.

Attorney disbarred for legal malpractice

Hiring an attorney often takes a leap of faith. New York clients entrust their privacy, their money and their future in the hands of legal professionals with the expectation of honesty and the hope of a positive resolution to their issues. Because so much is often at stake when someone turns to a lawyer, the legal profession holds attorneys to the highest ethical standards. When those standards are not met, a lawyer may face charges of legal malpractice.

Attorney faces legal malpractice claims for conflict of interests

Real estate transactions typically involve great sums of money. When real estate investment is the primary function of a New York business, the investors often rely on the ethical and loyal assistance of an attorney who can offer advice and guidance on the prudence of a purchase. However, an attorney with conflict of interests can place the well-being of his or her clients in jeopardy. This is one example of legal malpractice.

Lawyer accused of legal malpractice for forging judge's signature

Clients rely on the honesty, integrity and knowledge of their attorneys during some of the darkest and most stressful times of their lives. The right lawyer on the case can bring peace of mind to someone who is struggling with a legal issue and has no idea how to proceed on his or her own. Nevertheless, there are times when an attorney, in New York or elsewhere, will act unethically or even illegally. This is legal malpractice, and it can jeopardize the outcome of a client's case.

Victims of legal malpractice seek justice

The relationship between a lawyer and client is one of trust. Because of an attorney's knowledge and experience with the law, a client depends on the attorney to handle complex legal situations. This may be especially true when the clients are the victims of accidents and are in pain or recovering from injuries. If an attorney in New York or any other state breaches that trust through legal malpractice, it can have devastating results for the client.

Client files legal malpractice claim, says lawyer abandoned case

Facing any kind of legal issue can be overwhelming for most people. Without years of education and training, the average person in New York may have little knowledge about how to proceed. Adding to the intimidation is the fact that the outcome of most legal issues can have critical consequences affecting one's freedom and/or finances. When those facing legal challenges turn to an attorney for help, they rely on the professionalism of the lawyer to carry them through the troubles. Unfortunately, some must resort to legal malpractice claims when things go wrong.

Man sues for legal malpractice after losing workers' comp case

When someone in New York hires an attorney, it is usually because there is a lot at stake. Often, the clients of attorneys have limited understanding of the laws pertaining to their circumstances, and they depend on the experience and knowledge of their attorneys for the important decisions throughout the course of legal proceedings. When an attorney's failure to provide adequate representation causes harm, the clients involved may have the right to file a claim of legal malpractice.

Arias attorney risks legal malpractice after missing deadline

When facing criminal charges, especially those that carry life-altering consequences, defendants place tremendous trust in their attorneys. Mistakes made due to oversights or incompetence can leave a client serving time behind bars or worse. New York residents whose lawyers fail to provide appropriate counsel or neglect their duties in other ways may face claims of legal malpractice. In one high-profile case in another state, a missed deadline may leave a woman imprisoned for the rest of her life.

The many faces of legal malpractice

Integrity is nonnegotiable when it comes to those who choose the law for their profession. Attorneys who are sworn to uphold the law are also held to the highest standards in their own adherence to the law. When a lawyer fails in his or her duty toward a client, the client may suffer in immeasurable ways, including a financial loss, loss of opportunity and even loss of freedom. In such cases, it may be prudent to consider a legal malpractice action against your attorney.


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