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Copyright law: Artist sues art collective

When New York artists sell a piece they've created, it is often a wonderful moment of celebration. Their hard work and determination has finally paid off, both financially and professionally. If a company or entity that purchases the art fails to properly compensate the artist, it can be financially devastating. Copyright law gives artists the means to legally protect their work. One artist decided to file suit against an art collective for this very reason, claiming it exploited her work.

Nightclubs accused of violating copyright law

Many people in New York can't imagine a night out without music. When that music is played in a public building, such as a bar or a nightclub, it is important that the establishment has obtained the proper licensing to play it. All too often, businesses make the choice to play music they have no right to play, which can end up hurting the artists who created it and deserve to profit from it. Copyright law can help protect these artists from unauthorized use of their music. Several nightclubs are facing a lawsuit for alleged misuse of copyrighted music.

Three 6 Mafia accused of 150 copyright law violations

Artists around the nation put their hearts and souls into their work. It is only right that they profit off of their creations. Unfortunately, other artists or entities may try to misuse or outright steal work that another artist already created. Copyright law exists to protect artists in New York and elsewhere from that happening and provide them legal recourse if it should occur. A few artists put this to the test recently when they made the choice to sue the hip-hop group known as Three 6 Mafia

Developer loses copyright law appeal concerning graffiti artists

Artists of all mediums contribute valuable work to society. They enrich people's lives while creatively expressing themselves. If someone else misuses or destroys their artwork, it may be a violation of copyright law and that artist may want to pursue civil litigation against those responsible. One developer here in New York recently lost his appeal in a case where accusers say that he whitewashed over artwork created by graffiti artists. Many say he destroyed the artists' art, while he claims that was not his intention.

Spotify accused of violating copyright law with podcasts

When musicians create a song, they often feel as though they are putting a piece of themselves into it. To hear it get played on the radio is often a dream come true after many years of hard work. Artists in New York and elsewhere haven't always had a great relationship with streaming services since those sites don't always pay royalties in the same way, but most sites have worked out a way to properly compensate the artists. However, Spotify has recently come under fire for distributing podcasts that allegedly contain illegal music in what may be a violation of copyright law.

Artist accuses gallery owner of copyright infringement

When an artist here in New York or elsewhere partners with a gallery, it is meant to mutually benefit both parties. The artist has a chance to showcase his or her work, and the gallery makes a commission on any sales of the work. There is a sense of trust between both parties that they will act in one another's best interest. Violating that trust isn't just morally wrong, it may be unlawful. An out-of-state artist recently filed a copyright infringement claim against a gallery owner, alleging that the owner copied her paintings.

Multiple streaming services sued over copyright law

When New York musicians create songs, it may feel as though they are sharing a piece of themselves with the world. It is only fair that they are properly financially compensated for the use of that music. However, with the internet, that is becoming increasingly more difficult to do. Streaming services such as the ones offered by Google, Apple and Pandora have come under fire recently for allegedly not compensating artists and related companies for the use of music. One royalty collection firm recently filed a civil suit against several different streaming companies alleging that they violated copyright law.

Artist claims Disney used her van design, violated copyright law

When people think of a work of art, they often think of a painting or sculpture, but there are many other ways for artists to create. No matter what New York artists' mediums may be, it is important that they are able to sell, distribute or otherwise profit off of their creations in whatever way they see fit. If another person or entity uses an artist's work without permission, it can be financially devastating, as the artist did not have the chance to benefit from the usage. This is the claim of one artist who says that entertainment giants Disney and Pixar used her unique design for a passenger van in their upcoming animated feature "Onward," in direct violation of copyright law.

Artist alleges Netflix, Amazon violated copyright law

Artists of all kinds here in New York need to ensure that their creations are protected from usage by entities that haven't properly licensed them. Copyright law exists so that artists have the legal means to safeguard what is theirs and receive fair compensation for their work. Copyright can be a difficult issue to understand, but it is an important one nonetheless. Recently, some questions around copyright have come up regarding how artwork is used in films. One artist recently filed litigation over the use of his artwork in a film distributed by Amazon and Netflix.

New tool helps YouTubers avoid copyright law violations

The internet has given rise to creators of all kinds. Artists and content creators here in New York and elsewhere can distribute their work easily and inexpensively with the assistance of sites like YouTube. However, the site has come under fire in recent years for facilitating copyright law violations, according to critics. YouTube recently responded by making it easier for users accused of copyright infringement to remove content associated with a copyright claim, even it's just a small portion of a longer video.


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