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Artist alleges Netflix, Amazon violated copyright law

Artists of all kinds here in New York need to ensure that their creations are protected from usage by entities that haven't properly licensed them. Copyright law exists so that artists have the legal means to safeguard what is theirs and receive fair compensation for their work. Copyright can be a difficult issue to understand, but it is an important one nonetheless. Recently, some questions around copyright have come up regarding how artwork is used in films. One artist recently filed litigation over the use of his artwork in a film distributed by Amazon and Netflix.

New tool helps YouTubers avoid copyright law violations

The internet has given rise to creators of all kinds. Artists and content creators here in New York and elsewhere can distribute their work easily and inexpensively with the assistance of sites like YouTube. However, the site has come under fire in recent years for facilitating copyright law violations, according to critics. YouTube recently responded by making it easier for users accused of copyright infringement to remove content associated with a copyright claim, even it's just a small portion of a longer video.

Yellowcard pursuing copyright law claim after rapper's death

When musicians here in New York and all over the world create a song, they may feel a sense that they are creating an artistic representation of themselves. It's common these days for other musicians and singers to ask to sample a portion of another musician's song. When that happens through the proper legal and artistic channels, it can be a mutually-beneficial collaboration. However, there are times that some artists may use a portion of a song without obtaining the proper permission from the creator in violation of copyright law. This is what the members of the band Yellowcard say happened to one of their songs, and they say they'll continue their lawsuit despite the death of the rapper at the center of their claims.

Artist alleges copyright law violation over fish illustrations

When an artist creates something, it often takes many hours of work and dedication. Besides the time and effort spent to create the work itself, artists often undergo extensive training and usually conduct research beforehand. All of this means that artists here in New York and everywhere deserve fair compensation for usage of their work. When someone else uses that work without permission, it is generally considered theft and a violation of copyright law. One artist says that a state environmental department illegally used his art, and he has filed a civil lawsuit to obtain what he says is rightfully his, which is payment for his work.

Artists purposefully violate copyright law to prove a point

Artists of all mediums are careful with the distribution of their artistic works. They want to be sure that companies that profit off of their creations financially compensate artists properly and operate in a way the artist approves. Though many New York artists have a great working relationship with companies that distribute their work, there are times when other companies outright steal an artist's creations for profit. Several artists recently used Twitter to demonstrate just how easy it is for companies to violate copyright law.

Copyright law legislation may affect music on the radio

Recording artists in New York and around the country often dream of the day that they hear their music being played on the radio. If they aren't paid royalties when that happens, some think that it can undermine the work that went into creating their songs. Lawmakers are currently considering legislation that may change that, but some are worried that the new copyright law may inadvertently have a negative effect on artists.

Copyright law: Who owns what artificial intelligence creates?

When it comes to artistic works and ownership, most people probably think that whoever created a particular piece of art is the person who should own it. These matters aren't always so simple, though, since companies can purchase works of art and the copyright that goes with them. The advancement of technology brings a new layer in the discussion of copyright law as experts try to determine how to handle artistic works created by artificial intelligence (AI). New York artists may want to pay attention to this debate since it may affect the usage of artistic works that already exist.

Copyright law may help reclaim your music rights

The music industry used to be different. Music companies practically owned songwriters and artists, and if they wanted to make a career in the industry, they had to sacrifice the rights to their music. After years of giving their lives to these companies, many songwriters and artists across the country, including many here in New York, may want to get back the rights to their music. Fortunately, copyright law may help in that regard.

Man files copyright law claim against Chicago Cubs over souvenir

Artists and designers in New York of all kinds have a right to protect their work. Copyright law exists for the purpose of giving them a legal means to do so. If someone else uses an artist's creation without his or her permission, it often means that the person or entity is profiting off of the work without properly compensating the person who created it. This is what one man alleges in his copyright claim against the Chicago Cubs over a trinket he says he created back in the 1980s.

Dollywood in copyright law lawsuit

Music artists in New York and around the nation often dream of creating a classic song that people will love for generations to come. Those who have achieved such a feat not only feel a sense of accomplishment, they often take comfort in knowing that their artistic contribution can generate income for themselves and their loved ones. If another person or entity uses that song without the artist's permission, it is considered a violation of copyright law. This is because the entity may use the song in a way that the artist doesn't approve of or that the entity will profit off of the song without properly compensating the artist. This is the current predicament of the theme park Dollywood, as it fights allegations that it used a Christmas song without permission from the songwriters.


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