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The basics of using copyright law to protect creative work

Many artists here in New York know that obtaining a copyright for their work is important, but they may not fully understand all the matters around this legal issue. Fortunately, there are facets of copyright law that are fairly straightforward. Getting a basic understanding of these points may help artists realize how copyright law can protect them and their creations from improper use.

Logo design: Even nonartists may need copyright law protection

Many artists in New York understand the importance of protecting their creative work. They want to prevent others from profiting off of their creations without properly compensating the artist. However, career artists are not the only people who may need the protection of copyright law. Anyone in any industry who creates some type of artistic work may want to file for a copyright. One professional basketball player discovered this after, according to him, sports clothing brand Nike allegedly stole and profited off a logo design he says he created to represent himself.

Lawsuit says weaver's design is covered under copyright law

Many people understand that a song or a painting may be subject to copyright, but the fact is that many different kinds of artistic works can be protected in this area of the law. Clothing designers in New York may also be able to file for a copyright, especially if they create a piece with a certain logo or design. This is what one nonprofit says in their lawsuit against retail giant Neiman Marcus. It alleges that the company unlawfully used the design of a weaver that was protected by copyright law.

Do TikTok memes violate copyright law?

The internet has completely changed how artists communicate with fans or a prospective audience. It has enabled visual artists and creators in all mediums to showcase their work and reach many more people than may have been possible in the past. With this newfound popularity, however, comes more opportunities for artists here in New York and elsewhere to have their work stolen or used without permission. One popular app, TikTok, is being blamed for allowing people to violate copyright law by allegedly misusing content made by creators. Do these memes violate the law, or are users in the clear?

Copyright law: Can a sound be subject to trademark?

Musicians and artists of all mediums here in New York often wonder about the best way to protect their creative work. Copyright law exists to help them do just that. Securing the copyright for a song or a piece of art may seem like an obvious idea, but what about other, less-commonly-copyrighted artistic creations? Can artists obtain a copyright for a phrase? In some cases, that answer is "yes"

Understanding copyright law and who owns artistic works

Most people have heard of copyright, but they may not understand exactly what it means. Though it is a complex field with many facets, there are a few basic ideas that pertain to most created works. This is the case no matter what medium the work may be, whether it is a song or a photograph. Artists of all kinds here in New York may benefit from a basic understanding of copyright law. Here are a few guidelines regarding who exactly owns a certain copyright.

Do celebs violate copyright law by posting photos of themselves?

When someone snaps a photo of a celebrity, who owns the rights to the photograph? When a professional photographer takes the shot, he or she generally owns the rights to reproduction of the photo unless someone purchases those rights. Legally, photographs are artistic works the same way that a painting or drawing is, even when the subject of the photo is famous. One recent example that New York artists may find interesting is the civil claim against professional basketball player LeBron James. He has been accused of violating copyright law after posting a professional photographer's photo of him to social media without permission.

Copyright law: Artist sues art collective

When New York artists sell a piece they've created, it is often a wonderful moment of celebration. Their hard work and determination has finally paid off, both financially and professionally. If a company or entity that purchases the art fails to properly compensate the artist, it can be financially devastating. Copyright law gives artists the means to legally protect their work. One artist decided to file suit against an art collective for this very reason, claiming it exploited her work.

Nightclubs accused of violating copyright law

Many people in New York can't imagine a night out without music. When that music is played in a public building, such as a bar or a nightclub, it is important that the establishment has obtained the proper licensing to play it. All too often, businesses make the choice to play music they have no right to play, which can end up hurting the artists who created it and deserve to profit from it. Copyright law can help protect these artists from unauthorized use of their music. Several nightclubs are facing a lawsuit for alleged misuse of copyrighted music.


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