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Intellectual property: Music livestreams no longer on Facebook

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2020 | Intellectual Property

Social media is designed to bring people together and that is often what it does, in new and creative ways. One type of event that has recently risen in popularity is a music listening experience. This is when a DJ will stream music over Facebook Live the way he or she might do in person. However, critics say this is often a violation of copyright law and that DJs are using the intellectual property of music artists without proper permission. Here is what New York artists may need to know about Facebook’s new regulations.

At the start of the month, Facebook will block videos that violate its new terms of service, which say that users are not allowed to play music over Facebook Live. While this measure is meant to protect artists, some argue that it unfairly punishes artists who may simply be trying to promote themselves. Offenders may not only have their videos blocked, but their pages or profiles removed altogether.

Advocates of these live music events say that artists and DJs will simply have to utilize other platforms. Some have concerns that popular music events on Instagram may also be impacted. However, some events in this category are being allowed to continue on that site. Many lament that Facebook’s new rule prevents people from joining together online over a shared love of music, but others say they will seek out alternatives.

Even if DJs are well-intentioned, it is certainly possible that they are in violation of copyright law when they stream an artist’s music online without permission. The DJ may be indirectly profiting off the unauthorized use of someone else’s intellectual property. Artists who want more information on how to protect their creations, whether they are musicians or work in another medium, can find answers with an experienced copyright law attorney here in New York.