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How will copyright law apply to virtual artists?

Technology advancements, particularly the internet, has made it easier than ever for artists of all kinds to reach fans. Sometimes this raises questions about copyright law, as social media and streaming sites become more important to artists' careers, whether beneficial or prohibitive. But there may soon be a new facet that New York artists and the entities that normally work with them will have to contend with. A new music label is in the process of creating and representing "virtual artists," which could pose interesting considerations for copyright protection.

Failing to perform a conflicts check: Is it malpractice?

When you decide that you want to work with an attorney, one of the things you expect is that they will be unbiased. If you have an attorney who is biased because they know people who are involved in the other case or because they are friends or colleagues with the other party, then there could be a significant conflict of interests.

Intellectual property: Music livestreams no longer on Facebook

Social media is designed to bring people together and that is often what it does, in new and creative ways. One type of event that has recently risen in popularity is a music listening experience. This is when a DJ will stream music over Facebook Live the way he or she might do in person. However, critics say this is often a violation of copyright law and that DJs are using the intellectual property of music artists without proper permission. Here is what New York artists may need to know about Facebook's new regulations.


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