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Intellectual property litigation involves claims against Swift

Creative works are often very dear to those who create them. If individuals or companies believe that another person has taken liberties with their work, including infringing on copyrighted material, serious problems could arise. In fact, it may be necessary to move forward with intellectual property litigation if such infringement occurs.

New York readers may be interested in such a case involving singer and songwriter Taylor Swift. According to reports, in 2017, two songwriters, Nathan Butler and Sean Hall, filed a claim that Swift had taken lyrics from their song “Playas Gon’ Play” and used them in her hit “Shake It Off.” Initially, the claims were rejected by the court, but an appeal’s court overturned the rejection in 2018. Swift apparently tried to have the case dismissed, but recently, a federal judge ruled that it will move forward.

The judge involved with the case indicated that the allegedly infringing material was similar enough to Butler and Hall’s work to warrant the case going to court. The report indicated that Butler and Hall are hoping to obtain some of the earnings that Swift’s “Shake It Off” earned. Representatives for Swift have at times reportedly referred to the case as a money grab.

Believing that someone else has unjustly profited from a creative work can be difficult for the original creators to accept. As this case shows, intellectual property litigation may help copyright owners protect their interests and work toward obtaining the compensation to which they believe they are entitled. New York residents or companies facing this type of dilemma may wish to discuss their concerns with experienced attorneys.