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T-shirt artist says copycats violating her intellectual property

Thanks to the internet, artists can easily share their creations with people around the world. In the past, they had to rely on more traditional media or word of mouth in order to promote their work, but now "going viral" online can mean great financial success for artists of all mediums. Unfortunately, this also opens up potential intellectual property violations. New York artists may be interested in the story of a T-shirt designer who says a verbal slip-up by the President of the United States has been both a blessing and a curse for her work.

Artists say politicians using their music violates copyright law

It is not unusual for political candidates of all kinds to use popular music as a soundtrack for their campaign ads or events. In the past, some politicians have come under fire for using an artist's music without permission. However, many well-known bands and singers recently came together in an attempt to stop this practice altogether, which they say is a violation of copyright law. Artists here in New York may want to take note of this development, which could have a far-reaching impact.

Artist says covering her mural is a violation of copyright law

Many artists here in New York and elsewhere assume that copyright protection is only for authors or musicians, but that is untrue. Artists of all mediums may be able to make use of copyright law to protect their creative works. This may even include murals done on the sides of buildings, as one out-of-state artist says. She claims that city officials will be in violation of copyright law by painting over a mural she did almost 30 years ago.


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