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Do artificially-created parody songs violate copyright law?

Many people enjoy parody songs, often inspired by hit music, saying that they provide a laugh or even interesting social commentary. Though most parody is protected by fair use, some artists make a point to ask another artist for permission to parody a particular song. Even though that courtesy may not be necessary in a legal sense, some here in New York argue that songs should be protected from parody by copyright law, particularly with the advancement of technology. This is the question before music professionals after a researcher created an artificial intelligence program that can generate parody songs on its own.

Artist says Chevrolet violated copyright law

Murals on buildings are a popular form of art these days. Some New York artists use them as a means of conveying a social message, while others simply seek to express their creativity. Though the majority of artists want people to enjoy these murals, others have concerns that companies may use them without permission in advertising, potentially profiting off of the artist's work without proper compensation. This is what one artist alleges against carmaker Chevrolet, saying it violated copyright law when it used one of his murals in an ad.

What are the main types of legal malpractice?

When you hire a lawyer, you'll be doing so with the faith that they will act in the most competent and professional way. The work that they are doing on your behalf will undoubtedly have a huge impact on your life. It may be the difference between whether or not you face jail time, or whether you are able to gain the compensation that you deserve after an accident.

Twitch will remove clips found in violation of copyright law

Online streaming has changed the way that creators of all kinds monetize their content. While YouTube has long been the subject of numerous copyright violation claims, other streaming sites are starting to deal with similar problems. The streaming site Twitch, which primarily streams user's video game feeds for fans to watch, recently came under fire for alleged violations of copyright law due to music that often appears in streaming content. The site is now taking action to mute certain archived streams that may contain music for which the streamer holds no copyright.

If malpractice affected your case, you may want to sue

You were unhappy with the way you were represented by your past attorney. You lost your case, but there were multiple ways they made errors throughout that are completely their fault. They forgot to bring paperwork for the judge to review. Once, they completely missed court. They didn't talk to you before court to discuss what you should wear or what you should do when speaking with the judge.

Counterfeit shoes at center of intellectual property litigation

The online marketplace has opened up a world of possibilities to both consumers and creators or designers. Retail giant Amazon has made it easy for customers to find goods of all kinds at competitive prices, as well as increasing the ability of retailers to attract buyers. Unfortunately, this useful system is sometimes abused by those who may want to profit off of others' ideas. For example, a recent lawsuit filed here in New York by Amazon and luxury brand Valentino alleges that a seller used the site to sell shoes that copied a design sold by Valentino. This intellectual property litigation could set a precedent for other online retailers in the future.


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