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The basics of using copyright law to protect creative work

Many artists here in New York know that obtaining a copyright for their work is important, but they may not fully understand all the matters around this legal issue. Fortunately, there are facets of copyright law that are fairly straightforward. Getting a basic understanding of these points may help artists realize how copyright law can protect them and their creations from improper use.

Logo design: Even nonartists may need copyright law protection

Many artists in New York understand the importance of protecting their creative work. They want to prevent others from profiting off of their creations without properly compensating the artist. However, career artists are not the only people who may need the protection of copyright law. Anyone in any industry who creates some type of artistic work may want to file for a copyright. One professional basketball player discovered this after, according to him, sports clothing brand Nike allegedly stole and profited off a logo design he says he created to represent himself.

Lawsuit says weaver's design is covered under copyright law

Many people understand that a song or a painting may be subject to copyright, but the fact is that many different kinds of artistic works can be protected in this area of the law. Clothing designers in New York may also be able to file for a copyright, especially if they create a piece with a certain logo or design. This is what one nonprofit says in their lawsuit against retail giant Neiman Marcus. It alleges that the company unlawfully used the design of a weaver that was protected by copyright law.

Time for a copyright? Here's what you should know

You love painting, and you were happy when so many people liked your latest print. You have been selling a few each month online to your friends. Then, you saw someone wearing a T-shirt with that print on it. You don't sell shirts. Now, you know someone has taken your image for their own uses.

Do TikTok memes violate copyright law?

The internet has completely changed how artists communicate with fans or a prospective audience. It has enabled visual artists and creators in all mediums to showcase their work and reach many more people than may have been possible in the past. With this newfound popularity, however, comes more opportunities for artists here in New York and elsewhere to have their work stolen or used without permission. One popular app, TikTok, is being blamed for allowing people to violate copyright law by allegedly misusing content made by creators. Do these memes violate the law, or are users in the clear?


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