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Copyright law: Can a sound be subject to trademark?

Musicians and artists of all mediums here in New York often wonder about the best way to protect their creative work. Copyright law exists to help them do just that. Securing the copyright for a song or a piece of art may seem like an obvious idea, but what about other, less-commonly-copyrighted artistic creations? Can artists obtain a copyright for a phrase? In some cases, that answer is "yes"

Good attorneys know how to handle communication

Did you know that one of the top reasons attorneys are complained about to the bar is because of poor communication? It's no secret that clients like yourself don't want to feel ignored. Even if it's just to say that there have been no changes, you want to hear from your attorney regularly throughout the case.

Possible intellectual property violation over artist's mural

Artists in New York often dream of having their work loved by people far and wide. For those that are lucky enough to have that happen, they not only get the validation that others enjoy their art, but they are able to financially support themselves by selling their work or the rights for reproduction and distribution. When someone else profits from their creations without compensating them for their intellectual property, it can significantly and negatively impact their ability to make money from their own work. This is what one out-of-state artist alleges a gallery did with his uplifting mural.

Understanding copyright law and who owns artistic works

Most people have heard of copyright, but they may not understand exactly what it means. Though it is a complex field with many facets, there are a few basic ideas that pertain to most created works. This is the case no matter what medium the work may be, whether it is a song or a photograph. Artists of all kinds here in New York may benefit from a basic understanding of copyright law. Here are a few guidelines regarding who exactly owns a certain copyright.

Intellectual property: Do tattoos belong to artists or wearers?

When people here in New York think of protected artwork, they may think of traditional pieces of art, such as a painting or even a song. Most of them probably wouldn't think of a tattoo design put on another person by an artist. However, that is what a recent civil claim revolved around. It asked whether a tattoo is the intellectual property of the artist who created it or the person who bears it.


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