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Stolen artwork? You can seek legal help for copyright violations

It is a common problem for artists: You place an item for sale online, so another person steals the image and begins printing it for sale on multiple alternative web sites. This can be devastating for an artist who is trying to make a living with their work, because their channel for sales may never even be used despite prints of their work being sold to others.

Why legal protection of intellectual property is important

The laws surrounding intellectual property can be difficult to navigate and understand for anyone, including artists. It may not be evident that artists of all mediums here in New York need to protect their creative work to reduce the chance that some other person or company will attempt to profit from it. For those who don't know exactly what intellectual property entails, here is an overview of the subject.

Copyright laws protect original works published on social media

The rise of social media has made it easier than ever for talented artists and creators to develop a fanbase and connect with those who might enjoy what they produce. There are successful musicians, novelists, models and actors who started their careers online, only to eventually gain mainstream success.

Intellectual property: LinkedIn website hosts pirated e-books

Writing a book takes considerable time and dedication. Whether or not a book becomes a bestseller, the author deserves to profit from his or her hard work. Unfortunately, the internet has made it easy to steal and share illegal electronic copies of books. Doing so is a violation of the author's intellectual property. New York artists of all mediums may be interested to know about one major culprit of this offense and its ties to a popular social media site. 

Artist alleges Netflix, Amazon violated copyright law

Artists of all kinds here in New York need to ensure that their creations are protected from usage by entities that haven't properly licensed them. Copyright law exists so that artists have the legal means to safeguard what is theirs and receive fair compensation for their work. Copyright can be a difficult issue to understand, but it is an important one nonetheless. Recently, some questions around copyright have come up regarding how artwork is used in films. One artist recently filed litigation over the use of his artwork in a film distributed by Amazon and Netflix.

New tool helps YouTubers avoid copyright law violations

The internet has given rise to creators of all kinds. Artists and content creators here in New York and elsewhere can distribute their work easily and inexpensively with the assistance of sites like YouTube. However, the site has come under fire in recent years for facilitating copyright law violations, according to critics. YouTube recently responded by making it easier for users accused of copyright infringement to remove content associated with a copyright claim, even it's just a small portion of a longer video.


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