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Yellowcard pursuing copyright law claim after rapper's death

When musicians here in New York and all over the world create a song, they may feel a sense that they are creating an artistic representation of themselves. It's common these days for other musicians and singers to ask to sample a portion of another musician's song. When that happens through the proper legal and artistic channels, it can be a mutually-beneficial collaboration. However, there are times that some artists may use a portion of a song without obtaining the proper permission from the creator in violation of copyright law. This is what the members of the band Yellowcard say happened to one of their songs, and they say they'll continue their lawsuit despite the death of the rapper at the center of their claims.

Large companies can ignore intellectual property violations

When New York artists create a piece of art, of any medium, they often feel as though it is an extension of themselves. If someone else uses that work without the artist's permission, it is essentially theft. This is why many artists make use of copyright law to protect their intellectual property. Unfortunately, this kind of theft still happens, and it may be partly because on the occasions that it happens to a larger company, the company can afford to fight it, or even afford to ignore it. This is what many people say happened recently with Disney and one of its newest characters, unofficially named "Baby Yoda."

Musical plagiarism is a serious offense

If there is anything that can sour your mood as a musician, it's seeing someone else take your work as their own. You work hard to put together unique chord arrangements and lyrics. You compose your work carefully, and it's a reflection of your experiences.

Artist alleges copyright law violation over fish illustrations

When an artist creates something, it often takes many hours of work and dedication. Besides the time and effort spent to create the work itself, artists often undergo extensive training and usually conduct research beforehand. All of this means that artists here in New York and everywhere deserve fair compensation for usage of their work. When someone else uses that work without permission, it is generally considered theft and a violation of copyright law. One artist says that a state environmental department illegally used his art, and he has filed a civil lawsuit to obtain what he says is rightfully his, which is payment for his work.

Artists purposefully violate copyright law to prove a point

Artists of all mediums are careful with the distribution of their artistic works. They want to be sure that companies that profit off of their creations financially compensate artists properly and operate in a way the artist approves. Though many New York artists have a great working relationship with companies that distribute their work, there are times when other companies outright steal an artist's creations for profit. Several artists recently used Twitter to demonstrate just how easy it is for companies to violate copyright law.

Nirvana in intellectual property litigation with Marc Jacobs

When a New York musician thinks about copyright and intellectual property, protecting song lyrics and the music is likely at the top of the list. However, that may not be the only artistic work that needs protection. Some musicians may need to copyright images associated with their music so that no one else can profit from improper usage. The band Nirvana is currently involved in intellectual property litigation with designer Marc Jacobs, after its representatives say that the designer improperly used artwork featured on Nirvana T-shirts.


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