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Will YouTube's new rules violate copyright law?

The modern online world offers people multiple ways to make money. Many content creators produce online videos, with things like tutorials or opinion pieces, or using them as a way to market their own artistic creations. One of the biggest distributors for this content is YouTube. There are people who have found great success putting their content on YouTube, but up until recently, some of the rules regarding the usage of music prevented some creators from sharing their videos. YouTube has changed their rules going forward, and many are hopeful that it will help content creators, though some are concerned that it could harm other artists and violate copyright law.

MLB mascot subject of copyright law claim

Copyrights are important for New York musicians, but they are also useful for artists of any kind. That could include writers, photographers, visual artists and many others. Those who create puppets and costumes often need the protection of copyright law, too. This is evident in the recent civil claim that one Major League Baseball team brought against a married pair of artists responsible for creating a recognizable team mascot known as the Phanatic.

Artist claims Walmart, Degeneres committed copyright violation

Creating an original design or other work of art can be deeply meaningful for artists. As a result, it can be anger-inducing when that design appears on someone else's products or otherwise used without permission. In some cases, this type of scenario could involve a copyright violation, and legal action could be warranted.

Do I have a good reason to file for legal malpractice?

When you hire a lawyer, you do so because you trust that they will have the competency and loyalty required to protect your best interests. If you are dissatisfied concerning the outcome of a legal process, you may have reason to believe that your lawyer underperformed or did not adequately fight for you. As a result, you will have lost significant damages.

Digital access to art leads to intellectual property litigation

New York is one of the most attractive places for artists. Visual artists often find inspiration in the people, the scenery and the creative atmosphere. Unfortunately, with more people having access to the work of artists through digital means, more artists are finding themselves struggling to protect their rights to use and control their own works. When others fail to respect the rights of artists, it often leads to intellectual property litigation.


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