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Fire at UMG raises questions about intellectual property

A New York artist's work is his or her livelihood. If it is misused in any way, the financial consequences to the artist can be dire. There are a great deal of questions surrounding intellectual property regarding the relationship between an artist and the companies that work with the artist. Some of these questions have come up as part of the recent class-action lawsuit filed on behalf of several musicians against Universal Music Group after masters of many of their recordings were destroyed in a fire.

Did pop star Katy Perry break copyright law?

The works that artists create are generally very important to them. If someone comes along and steals a piece of that work, it is not just personally upsetting to the artist, but also has the potential to be financially devastating. Copyright law exists to protect New York artists from having their art used without their permission, but violations still occur. A court is currently trying to determine if pop star Katy Perry violated copyright law by using another artist's music in one of her songs.

Intellectual Property Litigation: Artist's royalties in question

The works of art created by artists of all mediums are often precious to them. When the artist chooses to sell his or her work, fair compensation is considered a given. Unfortunately, artists are not always paid properly, with many not receiving royalties to which they are entitled and necessitating intellectual property litigation. One long-running case concerns a beloved Pop art sculptor, Robert Indiana, who created the famed "Love" sculpture here in New York and passed away last year. The fight over the rights to his pieces is still going on.

Copyright law important for content on individuals' websites

These days, it is common for individuals to create websites for their businesses or even for their blogs. Individuals often use blogging as a way to earn an income, and because their websites are vital to their financial well-being and their businesses overall, they certainly do not want others taking content from those sites. As a result, understanding copyright law may be important to New York residents.

There are 4 big mistakes your attorney can make

There are several things that an attorney could do that would be seen as legal malpractice. These include commingling assets, having a conflict of interest, neglecting their duties and failing in their role as a fiduciary. In any case where a client suffers losses as a result of these actions, they may want to pursue a legal malpractice case.

Disney, other movie studios awarded in copyright violations case

Protecting what is lawfully one's own property is important, especially to companies. Unfortunately, it is not unusual for companies to face issues with outside parties that result in intellectual property being threatened. If another person or entity commits copyright violations, the negatively affected companies may need to move forward with litigation.


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