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Legal malpractice issues: Is the attorney's work inadequate?

When New York residents encounter a legal problem, they turn to an attorney for help. They expect him or her to diligently work on the case and provide the best possible representation. If individuals question whether they are receiving the service they expect, they may begin to wonder if the attorney has committed legal malpractice.

Understand why a copyright is important

To know if you need a copyright or if your products are already protected, you need to know what exactly a copyright is. In a basic sense, a copyright gives the creator of an original work the exclusive right to sell it, reproduce it and publish it. United States copyright law protects individuals who have created works such as photographs, videos of live performances, movies, software and more.

Legal malpractice claim stems from rejected appeal

Facing a legal issue can happen to almost anyone. As a result, most people choose to enlist professional help when handling legal claims to ensure that their cases are properly addressed. Unfortunately, some parties may find that their counsel did not perform their duties appropriately, and they may choose to file legal malpractice claims.

Does intellectual property apply to dance moves?

Copyright law is intended to protect artists of varying mediums and their work. The thought is that other people shouldn't be able to steal and profit from an original work that someone else has already created. The internet and meme culture are changing the game on this idea. Some celebrities in New York and around the country are concerned that others are profiting off of their intellectual property, specifically original dance moves that they have popularized. Unfortunately, these cases may be difficult to prove.

Andy Griffith theme center of intellectual property litigation

Owning the rights to a particular work often means that individuals can profit from the work and also have protection from others' unauthorized use of the work. Of course, there are many instances in which violations can occur, and intellectual property litigation could be a result. Filing legal claims could help rights holders enforce protections.


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