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Couple files legal malpractice suit against former attorney

When New York residents hire professionals to complete a job, they typically expect the task to be completed correctly. This may be especially true for those in the medical and legal fields. Unfortunately, some parties may find themselves the victims of legal malpractice after turning to attorneys for help, and as a result, they could have reason to take legal action against their former attorneys.

Ernie Hines accuses Jay-Z and Timbaland of copyright infringement

Many musicians in New York and elsewhere have drawn inspiration from hits from previous decades and in some cases, they may even use samples of these hits to create their own music. When using another artist's work, obtaining consent is advisable, as failing to do so could prompt intense legal disputes. Singer and songwriter Ernie Hines has recently filed a lawsuit accusing Jay-Z and Timbaland of copyright infringement under similar circumstances.

Suing for malpractice? Find a new attorney that you can trust

One of the most frustrating things to deal with is finding out that your attorney was not working to help you or further your case. Perhaps the attorney knew the other party, or maybe they were just being negligent. Whatever the situation was, they didn't take your case seriously, and now you're left to deal with the repercussions.

Copyright infringement lawsuit filed against DJ Marshmello

The music industry is one that involves a great deal of creativity. As a result, most musicians do not want their work unjustly used and seek copyright protections to avoid such outcomes. Still, some musical artists may find that others have used their work or created works similar to theirs, and copyright infringement lawsuits could result.

Another type of intellectual property could face more lawsuits

Lawsuits filed by patent trolls have been the bane of many companies over the years. The problem became so extensive that in 2016, Congress passed the Defense of Trade Secrets Act in an attempt to stem the flow of these lawsuits in order to allow them into federal court since they were ordinarily filed in state courts, including those here in New York. Unfortunately, it now appears that this opened up this type of intellectual property to patent-troll type lawsuits.


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