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Changes to copyright law to know about for 2019

As a writer, musician, photographer or the owner of some other type of works, New York residents need to take steps to protect their intellectual property. Copyright law provides an avenue to do just that. Some important changes have taken place in these laws recently, and knowing what they are could prevent unnecessary issues.

3 things to do to build a case for legal malpractice

When you feel that your attorney is putting off your case and isn't listening to your concerns, you should make that known. However, the way you do so can affect your chances of a claim later. If you plan to complain about the way your attorney is acting or want to be able to show that they are not taking your case seriously, you need to keep records.

Mashups challenge fair use copyright law

When a comic artist and a science fiction writer get an idea, it is certain to be a good one. Recently, award-winning DC Comics artist Ty Templeton teamed with "Star Trek" writer David Gerrold to collaborate on a mashup parody of Star Trek and the Dr. Seuss favorite, "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" The project was organized by ComicMix, a company formed for just such mashups and crowdfunded by $30,000 in donations. While New York fans waited excitedly, the project soon stalled under accusations that it violated copyright law.

Photographers may find intellectual property litigation harder

Photographers here in New York and elsewhere often get excited about their work. In that excitement, they may post their work for others to see without making sure that they receive the appropriate payment for it. Until recently, they could file for copyright protection and file intellectual property litigation against those who failed to pay for the work.

Protection of intellectual property is more important than ever

Advancement in technology has brought many benefits to the business world, but it also presents some unique and specific challenges. One of these includes the difficulty of protecting intellectual property in this current age. Thanks to technology, New York companies are now able to design, build and sell products faster than ever, but this also means that it can be more difficult to keep designs and proprietary information in the right hands. 


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