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What kind of royalties can copyright law provide your music?

If you are one of New York's residents with a creative streak, you may have written one or more songs. Whether you perform them or not, you may want to take advantage of copyright law and protect your materials from someone using them without your permission. In addition, making use of the laws available to you could also provide you with royalties for your tunes.

Legal malpractice is more common than you might think

The world we live in is increasingly complex, requiring many people to sign contracts or participate in other legal processes for basic things like gaining employment or buying or selling valuable property. Navigating the complex laws that govern different areas of our lives is rarely simple, making high quality legal guidance an increasingly important part of everyday living.

Lawyer faces legal malpractice claim in murder case

For many facing criminal charges in New York, the advice and representation of an attorney is their best hope of receiving a fair trial. An attorney who understands the law, the workings of the courts, and the methods of judges and other attorneys can give sound counsel for the best possible outcome for a client. On the other hand, if an attorney offers advice based on incorrect information, a client may suffer great harm, including the loss of freedom. Such a client may have cause to file a legal malpractice claim.

Ed Sheeran involved in intellectual property litigation

When a person or company makes a creative work or other original idea, steps are often taken to protect that information or work. In many cases, such as with musicians, creative works become well known to the public, and without copyright protections, almost anyone could potentially take elements of a song and plagiarize them without repercussion. However, when someone infringes on a copyright, intellectual property litigation could ensue.

Copyright law releases thousands of works to the public

Earlier this month, over 50,000 copyrighted works entered the public domain. It would not be surprising to know that some in New York may not even understand what that means since the last time books, movies, music and other created works entered the public domain was 1998. Nonetheless, many people have been waiting for the day when films by Charlie Chaplin, books by F. Scott Fitzgerald and songs by George Gershwin would outlive the protections afforded by U.S. copyright law.

3 legal myths: Find out the truth

There are many myths about legal representation that could color your opinion of attorneys. It's important to clear up myths so that you can protect yourself when you work with an attorney. You deserve to understand when an attorney is not working in your best interests or when there are problems with communication that come down to a conflict of interest or other issue that could be a sign of legal malpractice.


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