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Disney says 'No worries' about intellectual property claims

Intellectual property law is complex to begin with, but certain claims often create a gray area that requires legal action to clarify. Intellectual property law, including trademarks and patents, allows one person or group to take legal action if someone else attempts to use and profit from a protected work. Trademark protection includes items such as a symbol, design or word that identifies the product. However, it may not always be clear how far that protection may go.

Teachers in intellectual property litigation over lesson plans

Most everyone remembers that special teacher whose lessons were interesting because they deviated from the textbook. Such teachers often spend many hours preparing lessons and creating innovative ways to make learning joyful for their students. Technology allows these teachers to share their creative lesson plans and to make money doing so. However, some New York educators are resorting to intellectual property litigation because others are profiting from their hard work.

Protect your patent the right way

As someone who enjoys using social media to express your interests and to show off your products, you're aware that there is always a threat of someone using your work without your permission. Even if you have a patent, there is a chance that the patent could be infringed upon.

Verdict blurs lines of intellectual property law

It has been a long ordeal for music artists Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams. Since 2013, the two have faced accusations that their song "Blurred Lines" infringed on the intellectual property of the late Marvin Gaye because of its similarities to "Got to Give It Up," a 1977 R&B hit. Thicke and Pharrell initially attempted to preempt any copyright claims by filing a lawsuit seeking a court's ruling that the song did not infringe on the Gaye's copyrights. A final ruling came down this week.

4 steps to address copyright infringement

As someone who works in design, you know it's possible to have your work stolen. It might be someone who takes the image from the internet and copies it onto a canvas for sale, or it could be someone who prints it on a T-shirt for a campaign and ends up making money off the sales.

Cyberattack at law firm may be result of legal malpractice

There are many occasions when privacy is critical. Counseling sessions, medical records and educational files all contain information that could be destructive if the public saw them. The same is true when someone visits a New York attorney. The information a client shares with a lawyer is privileged, and attorneys are under a strict code of ethics to keep it confidential. However, when an attorney is the victim of a hacking or cyberattack, it may be cause for a legal malpractice claim.

Copyright law considers ownership of dance moves

Protecting one's artistic creations is an important part of working in the arts, whether music, literature or visual arts. Copyright law is ever-evolving, and often one ruling on an intellectual property matter can affect many different areas of culture. This may be the situation for legal action initiated by rapper 2 Milly against Epic Games, creator of the wildly popular video game "Fortnite."


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