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Chapman and Minaj in intellectual property litigation

It seems more common than ever for musicians to build on other artists' work by sampling recognizable hooks, refrains or lyrics and repurposing them into a variety of genres. However, a musician who samples another artist's song without permission may end up facing intellectual property litigation. One example of this is singer Nicki Minaj's dispute with Grammy winner Tracy Chapman.

Protecting your copyright on social media takes consideration

If you work with social media, you know that you have to be cautious about what you put online and how you put it there. Not following the right steps could end up causing you to lose your rights. Then, all the work you put into your content would be worth little to you and could end up making money for others.

Publicly streaming music may violate intellectual property law

Most customers of New York restaurants, cafes and shops have come to expect a certain atmosphere from their favorite haunts. A large part of that ambience includes the music piped through speakers. In most cases, that music comes via a streaming service, such as Pandora or Spotify. However, what customers may not realize is that many business owners may be committing intellectual property theft by misusing their music streaming subscriptions.

Whose intellectual property are recordings of Gilda Radner?

Those who remember the earliest days of "Saturday Night Live" may have fond memories of comedienne Gilda Radner, who died in 1989 of ovarian cancer. Many likely looked forward to the documentary, "Love, Gilda," which was released last month. For one New York journalist, however, the release of the intimate portrait of the beloved star was a shock, especially when the writer realized the movie used her intellectual property without her knowledge.

Sony files copyright law claim in alleged pirating of games

The development of ideas, photographs, games and other such items take time and money. These developments are often the lifeblood of a New York business. As such, in many instances, these businesses are afforded protection for these items under copyright law.

Missing a deadline is not acceptable behavior for attorneys

No client wants to find out that they're not going to be able to sue or move forward with a case because of mistakes their attorney made. Attorneys have an education in law and should, at the very least, know how long they have to submit documents. Missing deadlines can be costly and even lead to the loss of a case.

Inadequate representation may lead to legal malpractice claim

Facing a legal issue in New York or elsewhere often means relying on the representation of an attorney. Whether the matter is criminal or civil, the client has the right to expect quality counsel because there is often a great deal on the line. When an attorney fails to provide adequate representation resulting in a negative outcome for the client, the client may have cause to file a legal malpractice claim.


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