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Are tweets protected by copyright law?

As society advances and people find new ways of expressing themselves, laws protecting their rights must change as well. However, it is well-known that changes in laws do not always happen quickly. One example of this is copyright law, which struggles to keep up with creativity expressed through technology. Users of social media in New York and across the country may wonder how much of what they post is protected from copyright infringement.

3 types of legal malpractice to watch out for

There are many kinds of legal malpractice, and as someone seeking the help of an attorney, it's important that you understand them and can recognize them when they occur. Legal malpractice impacts you as a client and could even affect your ability to have a successful lawsuit or claim.

Aretha Franklin wanted respect for her intellectual property

The recent passing of Aretha Franklin was sad news to fans in New York and across the world. While her first hit song "Respect" became an anthem of empowerment for women and all those seeking fair treatment, it ironically represents the inequity many pre-1972 performers experienced under intellectual property laws. While songwriters and publishers received royalties for songs each time a radio station played them, the recording artists got nothing.

Your attorney won't return calls? Here's what could happen

There is almost nothing as frustrating as dealing with an attorney who won't return your calls when you know there are deadlines and steps you need to take to file a claim or lawsuit. You understand that attorneys get busy, go to trials and have other matters to attend to, but after the first two times you called, you felt you should have gotten some sort of reply.

Intellectual property litigation asks how far protections go

New York parents often enjoy watching movies at home with their children, but it can be upsetting when an inappropriate scene pops up on the screen. Parents may scramble for the remote to mute the language or fast forward past the violence or sexual content, but they are rarely fast enough to avoid the offensive material. Many families were glad to discover services that would remove the language, violence and disturbing images from the most popular films, but now, the filtering company is involved in intellectual property litigation.

Maker of unique cheese seeks to bend copyright law

When someone in New York gets a great idea for a product or work of art, he or she may investigate ways to make the idea lucrative. This includes protecting it from those who may want to use it for their own benefit. However, not everything can be protected by copyright law. Ideas, names, phrases and things that are commonly known cannot be copyrighted, nor can titles or recipes. However, U.S. chefs are wondering how an international decision may affect the food industry in this country.


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